Muni race, Schenectady NY, Sunday 30Nov

Ride off the turkey this Sunday. I just signed up and expect a few more local munis will too. This is a 2hr race around a surprisingly great course. Most laps wins. We’ve gone to enough of these that they now have prizes for the unicycle category.

Who’s in?!


ps, I think you can register day-off at the park as well

Plaine and Son Giving Thanks MTB race
Presented by
Outside Adventures- Heather Mason
Schenectady, NY

We are up to 3 munis in this race, with a possible 4th.

I’ll have to do it one day, looks like a great little trail!
Hopefully next year I’ll be free that weekend.
Have fun you guys!

OK, I’m in, too. Afraid I’ll come in last, but I’m in.

cool, 4 munis in the race, I think that will be the most we’ve had at this series. Means someone will be off the podium. :wink:

You’ll beat me for sure! Without my guni, I have a hard time keeping up with you uber-jocks.

Looking forward to Vince schooling all of us next year!

Now with video

There was a kid with a camera documenting the race. The uni’s got some good film time.

Here’s the YouTube link

cool vid!
I want to go back and just practice going over that jump!

Hey cool to see a few logs and ramps on a cross-country race! So what’s the results?
I bet you could catch some air on that jump with a guni or a 36er!

Roland - 4 laps
Brad - 3 laps (2nd place)
Steve - 3 laps (3rd place)
Perry - 3 laps

The next race is December 21st. If you’re interested, you can register here

A 36er might be a bit much on this course, but if anyone can do it, it would be you Vince.

The last couple of races, I favored the 29er, but for the next race, I’ll probably go 24.

Some good race photos here

  1. Roland - 4 laps
  2. Brad - 3 laps
  3. Steve - 3 laps
  4. Perry - 3 laps

The MTBr’s are putting a lot of work into the course and it gets better ever time. That jump was new, the vid was the first time I went over it. I got a bit more air later. The landing is smooth so with a bit of practice you could get some good air on any wheel.

There is another race 20th Dec, not sure yet if I can make it, but want to