Muni race in Upstate NY, this Sunday, 2nd May

The mtb trails in Schenectady Central Park are constantly improving and are now ranking in the AWESOME category. It has a great mix of zoomy curvey parts, short steep hills, logs to hop over, skinnies to ride over, and one big jump (you can go around). They also have recently built a few log-rides which are not part of the race but fun to play on.

A group of mtb’ers hosts races here pretty regularly, always welcoming unis. The next one is this Sunday and I’m doing it. Its a 2-hr race, do as many laps as you can.

It looks like she’s actually doing 2 races back to back and I’ll probably do the 10am start, unless other uni’s would like to do the noon race instead.

Let me know if you can make it


Maybe next year for me!

They host races here a few times a year so you don’t have to wait 365 days. Or just drop us a line sometime when you’re in the neighborhood and we can go for a spin.

That’s good to know! Thanks!

You say “us”. Who are the people in your neighborhood?

“Us” is a small but strong group of uniers here in Albany. We’ve got a website (just a bit out of date)

Had about 10 riders at last wednesday’s evening ride downtown. Have had as many as 4 local munis in the Schenectady race (although just me last time). Two of us did a 30mi ride today. Drop us a line if you’re in the neighborhood, we’re always up for a ride.

I’m another of the “us”.

I’m jealous! I wish there were more riders in my area.