MUni race in Memphis Apr 4

April 4th - Sunday, 9:00 am

“Wolfman Duathlon”

The Du:
First: Ride 6.5 mile mountain b*ke trail.
Second: Run(jog, crawl) 1 mile

This is the same path I rode in the Wolfpack Triathlon last year as the lone unicyclist. (except they’ve included 1.5 miles of more technical section).

The organizers were thrilled to have a unicyclist then. But now they want more!! We’ll have a class all to ourselves.

The track is mostly crosscountry. Some ups and downs. There are a couple of sections through the woods that are tougher but not too terrible. I can ride this track on my 24 in just over an hour. On my 29 in just under an hour. (I can’t run for all the tea in china.)

We think we can get as many as 5-6 Memphis Unicycle Clubsters locally. We’d love to see Bugman and Chirokid and their entourages. There’s a couple in Mississippi and some around Little Rock that are close enough.

Come Saturday to familiarize yourselves with the course and maybe do some urban riding. MUC will host an evening of something or other entertaining. Sunday morn race leaves plenty of time to get home before Monday’s responsibilities.

Any interest?

Triathlon? So you do the swim… and then the bike leg on a unicycle… and then the run? Eh? You make it sound more like just a bike race… did you accidentally throw that in?

Robbie, last yr I did a Triathlon utilizing the same path. That was swim, ride, run.

This race is a Duathlon (two events)

Ride, run. (no swimming)

Ride 6.5 miles, run 1 mile.

hmmm… sounds like fun. let me think about it. i’ve driven to memphis before. i think it takes 10 or 12 hours?? can you post a web address of the event?


that’s what they’ve got on the application. I tried it, and it has last years information. I’m sure they’ll update soon.

Also, I’ve been corrected on a minor detail. More running:

Trail run 3 miles
Trail ride 6.5 miles
Trail run 1 mile.

The course is on the “Tour d’Wolf” MB trail at Shelby Farms in Memphis TN. Shelby Farms is 4500 acres of parkland surrounded by city. I believe it is the largest urban park in the USA. (Central Park in NYC is only 800 acres.)

email me at and I’ll reply to you with the application

frequency and placement.

I think that this is an awesome opportunity to create an entire weekend of regional uni-fun! Memphis has some really good urban-trials, off and on-road rides. When we have had the Delta Rendezvous gatherings in the past it has always been a weekend full of riding, camaraderie, and good food – a perfect weekend. Also, the opportunity for warm (not hot-yet)/dry weather is good this time of year.

For me, to do the Wolfman Duathlon, I would de-emphasize the competitive nature but focus the personal challenge, the fun, and on a public display of another form of getting through the woods and, again, the camaraderie.

So, Chirokid, Bugman, Rysling, Animation, and all you riders in Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, and Alabama, come on over/up to Memphis and play with us for a full weekend.


I might go if someone can loan me their spare MUni?? I don’t own one yet:(


I am currently out of town, and don’t have my schedule in front of me. I do believe I have that weekend off. If I do I may come. I certainly appreciate the invite. Let you know if it fits my schedule on Monday.

I am going to try to make this ride (walk/run) also. However, the 3 mile run sure does change things for me. There was a day when I did 10ks and 1/2 Marathons, and Triathalons, but that day is LOOOONG gone.

Nevertheless, I will most likely be there. Anyone want to walk the first 3 miles with me?:smiley: --chirokid–

I will certainly be willing to walk with you assuming I go. Maybe we could speed walk. I straigned my ankle and haven’t really tried running on it in a while, and doubt I would be ready to run on it in a month. I will start training though.

Sounds like a challenge to me. Maybe I can run after all?

Anyone like to place bets on Bugman or Chirokid? Sounds sort of like a dull comic book action/adventure to me!

Training tip for Bugman: Eat lots of KrispyKreme Donuts between now and April 4th. 1/2 dozen per/day should work wonders for stamina. Your friend & Foe, --chirokid–

Hey Chirokid and Bugman,

I am totally stoked about you both coming to Memphis to ride and play with us. Memphis Mud, myself, and the rest of the MUCsters group are busily dreaming up a weekend of riding and uni-fun. Plans have yet to be totally hatched but we are hoping to ride the Tour de Wolf, 6 mile course on Saturday afternoon (April 3rd) and to have a uni-party/get-together on Saturday night with a uni-video-fest. We can also go to downtown/Beale Street area and do some urban playing, riding and taunting/entertaining the revelers of Beale Street.

The Wolfman Duathlon starts at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday (April 4th) Shelby Farms at Trinity and LaGrange Rds. For those of you that need to hit the road back home, you could be on the road before 12:00 noon. I have plans to get to Knoxville that night myself (6 hour drive) so I’ll be jetting right after the event. However, for those of you that can hang around the Memphis area for a while, we are blessed with loads of fun off-road, road, and trials riding. Bring all the toys!

Memphis is a pretty cool place to bring the family. We have loads of touristy things to do and/or see.

Spread the word. There’s a party being planned – Memphis Style!

April 3rd and 4th. It’s a uni-gathering and the Wolfman Duathlon!


Sounds great Tommy. I should be there very LATE Friday night, April 2nd.

How do we go about registering for the Wolfman Duathlon?

Sign me, “Bug Smasher In training, --chirokid–”:smiley:

I have changed my name from BugMan to “The Exterminator” The hired assasin.:smiley: Watch your back Chirokid!

Exterminator, I am happy to see you are already conceding the lead to me. :D–The Bug Smasher, --chirokid–:smiley:

Training tip #2: Wash all those KK donuts down with several 2 liters of good ol’ Mountain Dew. It will make you strong!

You are assuming that you will make it to the race…

No carbs for me buddy. I am going out to kill a deer with my bare hands so I have some good fresh meat to eat during my training period. :sunglasses:

Wish I could come down for the weekend, but it’s a 11.5 hour drive from SW PA. A little too much driving for me for a weekend.

Although it might be worthwhile just to see the chiro and bug duke it out. It could be a classic duel.

Pump a few donuts and Mountain Dews for me while you guys are training.


Okay, after a genius and diabolical plan that I dropped on my wife, I am doing this. Don’t know how ready I will be, but I will be there. Now to start the training. I think I will head out to the 24HR Krispy Kream! I have heard it is good to carry a little extra weight to ensure the wheel stays on the dirt.:smiley:

Just curious Chiro… When a 24" uni with a knobby tire rolls over your back, does that count as a good adjustment?:wink: This wheel was made for rolling, and that’s just what it’ll do, and one day soon it’s gonna roll all over you!:smiley:

Bill it will be a blast. Take off Friday, meet up with Keith and ride part of the way together. Other than NAUCC and a few parades this my first MUNI event. I am getting pumped!

Right on! I can’t wait to see you both in Mempho!