muni questions!

just some questions that came to my attention while riding the other day. you guys try to roll absolutely everything or do you guys jump the root sections if possible?

  1. when you ride alone and aren’t racing or anything, do you keep a fast cadence or a slightly slower one to admire the beauty around the trail.

  2. how many of you guys use your 29ers for tech. muni and pretty much anything you would do on a 24 or 26’’?

that’s about it.

  1. Roll it, baby. Hopping is for pogo sticks.

  2. I’d have to say, I don’t do a lot of looking around while riding MUni.

  3. I brought a 29er to Moab and trashed it. Since then, the 29er is for roads and, at most, lightly technical trails.

  1. I try to roll everything first. This has let me to be really good at rolling stuff, but really bad at large hops.

  2. Fast. To really appreciate the scenery (or take decent pictures) you have to stop.

  3. I’m with Tom. I’ve had a few blowouts on my 29", both of which were in very inconvenient places. Now that I have a KH rim on there it’s less likely, but I still avoid bringing that unicycle for trails I know to be abusive. I feel much more solid on my Wilder. Though I know my 29" would be fast in a place like Moab’s Slickrock Trail, for example, I’m not planning to bring it.

I think every Muni group or individual rider has a certain ideal form they try and follow, if only imperfectly. The SB ethic, for whatever it’s worth, is to roll everything humanly possible. That’s what separates Muni from trials riding. Many experienced street and trials riders can get down rugged muni runs by throwing in a bunch of corrective/rolling hops and so forth but for many, true blue muni starts when you keep the wheel in fluid motion.

That much said, we’re always looking for natural trials stuff on the edges of the single track even though the major focus remains rolling. Guys who practice this stuff alot, like Mango and Jake and Jon, usually school us on this stuff but we have fun trying.

I’m sometimes a little let down by the fact that we so infrequently stop and smell the poison oak, so to speak, and mostly just bomb down stuff with few breaks. We’re missing a lot of great scenery but absorbtion in the doing is it’s own special reward.

I’ve recently tried to push the envelope with my KH 29er, tackling a few tech trails but the single ply tires (no true DH tires for a 29er till June) make any kind of hard rolling or hopping quite difficult (owing to the high PSI you must run) without ripping the tire off the rim, which has repeatedly happened to me on drops as small as three feet. After a rash of bad falls my 29er tech ambitions are on hold for awhile.


…unless it’s uphill.

  1. make judgement if it looks non ridderble hop it, other way is to try to roll over it, if that fails hop out

  2. Ride as fast as I feel ridding. If I want to puch it down hill and stuff, sometimes I go slowish depends on things.

  3. 24" all the way! :slight_smile:

  1. I try top hop everything, it has made me really good at rolling hops with my pedals in all sorts of positions. If it is too big to hop over I like to hop up some of it and roll the rest.

  2. I ride as fast as I feel the need, I like doing technical riding as fast as I can.

  3. I use a 24", I much prefer it than a 26" and I have never tried a 29" whilst doing muni.

The biggest limit to the 29er for hardcore riding is indeed the lack of decent tires. I have to run at about 40psi to keep the tread on the rim. That said, the KH 29er will work for 90% of the trails out there, including the uglier rides in Santa Barbara. The only “gotcha” is drops higher than about a meter (YMMV) - on those, landing form and transition are extremely important, and you must keep the spokes tight and the rim true. Otherwise, I see no reason why the 29er couldn’t take over as wheel of choice for muni.

I’d encourage anyone wanting to get into muni to seriously consider a 29er.

Fear factor. You’re higher up and moving faster, with less leverage. Unless you’re running super-long cranks like Jim Roberts.

Idea taken :slight_smile:

  1. Roll over averything you can, unless hopping would be faster. And if you hop, always rollinghop. NEVER static.

  2. I go pretty fast untill i get tired or to a flat section, where I rest a bit. If you want to admire scenery you have to stop. I think the best solution to this is to ride for a long time, so you’re in the woods for longer and you feel better.

  3. I dont have a 29er.

just out of curiosoty: why you asking :thinking:

I’m trying to contribute to interesting threads where you can get into an argument but an interesting argument.

thanks :slight_smile: