Muni questions

I’m considering purchasing or building up a 26" or 29" Muni this year and have a couple questions …

1.) What crank arm length range is suitable for a 26" or 29" Muni that will be ridden in a hilly area. I live in Colorado so there’s lots of steep terrain - not that I’d be tackling the steep stuff right away, but as I get better I may venture to the steeper terrain. I’m leaning towards a 170mm?

2.) Other than the Surly Conundra, is there another frame available that will fit the fat Surly rim/3.7" x 26" Edomorph wheel setup? Is there a certain hub width that works properly with this setup?

3.) With a super fat wheel setup in #2, is there ever a problem with ones inner thigh hitting or constantly rubbing the top of the frame? Sounds like a crazy question, but I’m trying to visualize. I’m 5’7". I’ve never ridden anything larger than a 24" wheel.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.