Muni Questions.

I’ve read that some people place the tire on their muni with the tread facing backwards, is this common? I’m not really sure how much of a traction improvement this would have. Also, until I can upgrade my current uni, does anyone happen know if a 2.125" tire would fit on the Torker LX 24", if not I suppose I can just give it a shot. Thanks for you time, happy muni’ing everyone.



I don’t know that the tread direction really makes a difference, but I do have a 2004 Torker LX 24 with 2.1" wide tire with plenty of clearance.

Wonderful thanks for the reply. I never expected to go that wide but I wonder just how wide one could go, I doubt anything above 2.3 dont you? Just how knobby is your tire?

It’s a knobby specialized “spanky” mountain bike tire. I bet a 2.3 would fit also.

LOL, yeah, by accident! On one MUni ride, we noticed that two out of the three riders had their Gazz’s on backwards. None were intentional. I suppose that makes it an uphill tire.

I don’t know if anyone does this on purpose. I can’t think of how it would make it better.

IMPORTANT: what LX do you have? '04 rounded frame, or '05 square frame?

On the 05 you can fit a 2.3" tire pretty easy, provided its not too knobby. The Kenda K-rad 2.3 would be good.

I’ve got the '05 squared frame. I’ll check out that tire. Thanks

I’m looking at a picture of the tread on the Kenda K-rad 2.3, would that be any good for offroad?

I used it off road for two years. Worked good for me.

What it lacks in tread it makes up for in volume. In other words, you could get a knobbier tire, but it wouldnt be as wide and therefore wouldnt grab as much, worse on drops, etc.

So on the LX you can go for wide tire, or knobby tire, but not much on both at once.

Go ahead and check out the specialized spanky tire or whatever, I’ll bet you could fit a wider version of that.

If I recall correctly (and I’m not promising that I do) the tire direction has something to do with being either the drive tire or steering tire… Like on a bike it would go backwards if mounted on the front… I don’t think it would matter much on a uni… my Duro is mounted rotating the “correct” way and I haven’t had a problem with it…

I ran a high pressure Duro on very smooth cement (and sticky traction) and felt a significant difference.
After flipping the tire to go “forwards”, it was better.
As for M-uni, I never felt a difference.