MUni Quandry ..24"or 26" ?

Looking to purchase a MUni cycle and would love to hear any specific comments about the difference between a 24" and 26". Personal prefs and advantages or disadvantages.
I am new to muni but not to riding. Is a brake helpful? :thinking:
I’m a lively 50 years old with good knees and pitiful ankles.
'preciate any help here as I searched but just did not find the answer I wanted. Did find good info about crank lengths and such.
Shug of the Impending Steep Slope

all depends on your terrain. Technical terrain demands smaller wheels. If you give us a description of the stuff you ride we’ll be better able to help you.

Thanks for getting back to me… I live in Minnesota so rolling terrain for the most part. Although up north is what I guess is more technical. I am interested in hills, rocks and stuff I can hop on and gap and drop.

if stuff is technical enough that you wnat to hop around on it, 24" is probably the choice. There is also a far better choice of 24" unicycles, despite the fact there is a greaqter choice of 26" rims and tyres in the world at large. You could of course consider a geard 24" if you’ve got the dosh and would like to ride the less technical stuff at high speed.

I have both and have found the 26 to be best suited to where and how I normally ride. I am also a pretty big guy (6’3" 240) which I think makes a difference, but the trails (cross country, downhill, drops) and how fast you want to go make a bigger difference.

The brake question is a no brainer if you plan to do any downhill at all. It is a must. I have been mountain, road and track racing and riding for well over 20 years and considerred myself to have strong cycling legs until I experienced negative resistance on a long muni downhill. You sooo want a brake.

The 26 is faster and seems to roll over rough areas better as you can maintain momentum and if you plan to ride mostly cross country it is the way to go.

If however, you are downhill, technical terrain and big drop minded you may do better with the 24.

As to crank length you may have noticed it is a personal preference thing with people strongly committed to short or long. I have done quite a bit of experimentation and prefer 165s for the 26 and 150s for the 24 for what it is worth.

i went on a 24" quax former but since 2 years i only ride my 26" munis as in my singnaturm and there is no terrain downhill i´d prefer a 24" …but at unicon 14 uphill there were no chance with a 26"…:frowning:
but usualy you walk such step uphill :roll_eyes:


90% of MUni riders use 24" wheels. There are good reasons for that: it weighs less, is easier to control, and closer to the ground. There is also better choice in the 24" wheel size. I have both a 26" and a 24", and I never ride the 26". If I’m doing a trail where I want speed, I take a 29er; the 26" is just not enough faster than the 24" to be worth riding.

The pros:
24" is lighter and more agile
26" is faster and rolls over things better
24" frame is a more common design
26" tires and rims are more common
24" easier to hop, idle

The cons:
26" can be tippy, harder to balance
24" is slower
26" is harder to maneuver
24" has less pedal clearance
26" harder to hop

I have a 26" as my personal ride, it gives me fits at times, though I am still learning Muni. My son has a 24" and we just got a 20". A smaller uni can be pretty fun and they are certainly easier to ride, esp when learning. Though I am building up a custom 26", I could see riding a 24" in the future; or a 20 :wink:

Another thing to consider: I recently bought a KH20 Trials uni for my son. I didn’t think it would be all that fun as I have a Sun 20" that is kinda edgy and quirky, but that trials uni is a complete hoot and soooo easy to ride. It is not really all that slow for riding around town. If I was learning again I’d get a 24, then a 20" for playing arounf.

Since you’re an old guy :wink: I’d go 24" or even 20", just don’t be cheap, get a good uni (QuAx, Nimbus, or KH). The KH is sweet, the Nimbus is not bad. If you get the newest Nimbus 24", you’ll get a Duro Wildlife 3.0 and brake bosses; yes, you’ll want brakes in time. If you’re a big guy, you might be more comfortable on a 26". The 26" is closer in size to a 29er, esp with a big tire.

Ride every day, no matter what, you’ll be riding smoothly in a month or so.

Personally I think a 26x3" muni is an excellent all-rounder. It’s so close to the size of a 29er that the speed difference is negligible, but you don’t have to be so careful on rocks to avoid punctures. As people have said, if you’re planning on riding mostly really technical muni a 24 is a better (and certainly by far the more common) choice, but for a general mix of cross-country and more rocky stuff I reckon a 26 is hard to beat.

I use my 26x3" with 150 cranks for everything that I can’t coker, including xc racing. A 29er is lighter, but also much more skittish on rocks and gravel and much more prone to punctures (but you weren’t asking about 29ers anyway).

Having said all that, I’ve not ridden a 24" muni (apart from inside!) so I can’t actually give a direct comparison - for my riding the choice is really 26 or 29 and the 26 wins.


Great info everybody and thankee, thankee for that. At this point I am leaning towards a KH 2008 24" w/ brake. 150 cranks, maybe cranks with two holes. Looks like a right goodie!

I think everyone will agree that this is the best deal in a muni we have seen in a year or so. Snap up one of these. You can buy a magura brake and KH spooner from UDC, and bolt it on this, it has mounts already.

Don’t worry about it being an 07 , there are only very small differences on the 08.

The size variables are wheel diameter, tyre section and crank length. The wheel diameter is the one that’s hardest to change, of course, but you can’t really make the decision without considering the whole package.

The two sizes are only 8% apart. That is less than 1 mph on normal riding speed: it is an inch in seat height.

Either will be good.

I have one of each and don’t know which I could choose if I could only have one.

Rob, what frame do you have on your 26er? I have a nice 26’ wheel build with 3.0 tire but am torn between a 26’ nimbus frame and a 29’ KH.

a nimbus 26er with a cork in it

I bought it as a Nimbus II 26" (as a whole muni) but I suspect it’s actually a 29er frame because it has more crown clearance than other people’s Nimbus 26ers I’ve seen. I like it, but some people who do a lot of hopping say the Nimbus II crown design hits their legs.

I’ve seen somebody on here built up a 26" muni in a KH 29 frame and made adaptors to move the brake down a bit - can’t remember who though. You’d probably find it if you search for “KH 26” or something. I’m not sure how good the side clearance would be with a 3" tyre compared with the Nimbus though - I think the KH29 has a narrower crown.


:smiley: That makes all the difference.


That is a terrific deal. I am looking into my wallet now.
Thanks for that tip!

The bike island deal

You can read more about it in this thread.

A few people have bought from them already, so there should be no trouble for you, except that now you have to decide if you would rather have a 29 LOL, they are about the same $.

IMHO, you would be happy with either. A 24 is a little better in some places, the 29 in others. Both top notch rides.:slight_smile:

I just ordered the 24" KH! Impulsive, huh? … gonna get a bollicking from me wife but I shall use her techniques of :“It was a great deal”, “I saved over $200”, “free shipping” … which is really cool.
Again, thanks for the tip feel the light. I do feel it.
Ohhh yeah.

I bought mine on Monday (KH24) from Bike Island. He emailed me back and said he didn’t have them yet and was expecting them in on Wednesday (today) and he said he would ship it out the same day. I got the tracking number today and it should be here tomorrow. He said on Monday that he didn’t know if they where the 08’s or 07, but he thought they where the 08’s since he is getting a new shipment. I will let everyone know if it is the 08 or the 07. At that price it doesn’t make much difference to me.

The only thing I noticed is that the price on the KH24 went down $10 since I bought it, and the price of the KH20 went up $30. I also had to pay tax since I live in Texas, but it only takes one day to get to me here in Austin. He also said that he can’t get the KH36 from his supplier. The KH20’s he has are definetly the 07 models since he already had them in stock. I should have bought one of those too while they where only $339, but I didn’t have a grand to spend on a couple of unis right now.