MUni poem by Andy Jennings

Andy wrote to me the other day, and waxed poetic about wanting to join us on our
monthly MUni group ride on Feb. 20:

Yes, You can count me in and don’t delay, My Japanese made unicycle can’t wait
to come play. Around and around it goes and “wow!” is what you’ll say. Through
the brush and up over them rocks, LOOK, LOOK… NO WAY! The shine, and the
gleam, Through all that dried clay. Is it stuck to his frame, or is it flying
this way? It’s raining now, or can those drops be coming from his spray? Will he
slow down soon, or should we start to pray? There he goes over the hill. Wonder
if we’ll see him later today? Listen to that sound… That was a Turkey call, or
it sounded that way. The endless sights and the rich smells really make this a
great day. Pedaling now, again and again remember? What did he say? Touch the
ground? not today, both feet on the pedals or else you’ll pay! Could it be the
one thing that brought us all here today? The excitement, the challenge, or
maybe it’s cooler now than in May. The truth of it is, that the passion and the
fun make it a super great day. So go on, push it a little; you have nothing to
save. A scratch, a tear, it only hurts a while… BE BRAVE! There it is, just a
little further, the part that is now paved. Yes… that was not so bad… We
came, we conquered, and we paid. Good fun, Good times, Good dirt, maybe we
should stay? Get plenty of rest, plenty of food, look to the future for the next
time we go play.

We are on…lets ride! 2-20-00

by Andy Jennings, Folsom, CA

Enjoy, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone (reply to

Still searching for the MUni thieves (hopefully looking a little harder than
O.J.'s search for ‘the killer’)