Muni pics...

Here are some muni pics from the last couple of months…I thought I’d post it here because there aren’t enough muni pics out there.


Looks like a blast!

Thanks for posting the pix Andrew.

Those are some sweet pictures, you muni looks kick ass too


Great shots Andrew - makes me want to go out and ride this second. Rain is pouring down just now though.


James, the young guy in the yellow shirt, is an amazing rider. He has so much control and rides muni so fluidly.

I always love looking through your photos. Everyone is always smiling which is nice to see. :slight_smile:

This frame is actually a temporary one…very soon I’m upgrading to a new custom frame and various other nice bits. Here’s a picture, it’s one of my old frame which will be very similar to the new one. The upgrade has a KH Fusion seat, my new 160mm Profiles, hopefully blue Jim Cielencki pedals, and a few other better bits…


Really nice with some muni-action, too often left out in the gallerys.
I want a muni, hard to ride the snowmobile tracks with my 20" hookworm/studded nokian x-trak other than when it’s hard packed (and sunny), with a better tyre, i could go more often… it’s a real blast!

Thanks for the great pics. Looks like the weather was great! You guys have great riding areas!

The weather’s always great in Brisbane, you should all come and live here so I have more people to ride with. :wink:


great pics andrew.

Nice photos, Andrew.

Looks like Gecko has substantially upgraded his muni since last time I saw it. What hub and cranks is he using?

Second hand Onza’s. They’re horrible…I’ve now known two Onze hubs to develop very loose keyways. Gecko shimmed it, but all he had available was something that was too soft I think. Gecko is now going to make my new muni frame which is very exciting because I’ll be able to work with a unicycling frame builder and I’ll be sure that he gets it right and mounts the brake bosses in the right spot, etc. He was disgusted at the fact that they didn’t follow my instructions for the right amount of clearance on my old custom muni frame, which I guess is a good thing.


find me a semi-good job and i’m there.

Easy. :slight_smile:


places where sun is always shinning are boring!
(and I remember Brisbane as a boring place: Sun too hot and beer too cold! … but this has probably changed :wink: - I mean the people not the weather, or the beer-)

I like bad weather : snow and wind specially!

(polar) bear

ust for the record: is no such thing as beer too cold. at least, as long as it’s still a liquid. beer slush sucks.