Muni pics -- Soquel Demo Forest, Santa Cruz, CA

Hi All,
Here are a few pic’s from our ride last weekend:

Soquel Demonstration Forest, Santa Cruz County, CA.

It was really cool! I had a blast.


Nice pics, CD. But what happened to the panties??


Great photos…wish I was there to go muni-ing with you all!


Where exactly is that?

hey corbin, that was a great ride! thanks for posting those pix

klown: this ride is down in the south bay area, between los gatos and santa cruz
a few guys came down from Berkely/Oakland area, but sacramento might be a bit far lol
we spent 4.5 hours on the trail, so it’d be a bummer of a drive back after that kind of ride
you’re welcome to come sometime if ya want though

I think the SC riding is the best in CA. Worth the drive.

I’ll save them for muni-weekend :slight_smile:

There’s a cool wheel walking picture that nathan took here:

I’m actually on a log with a drop at the end:

Although, I couldn’t connect the wheel-walking-to-drop sequence :frowning:


Oh great, the one shot you get of me is when I’m bailing.

Definitely some nice riding down there; a great combination of simple singletrack (with Beau one-footing the whole thing), crazy rocky sections, and trail toys. The 4 miles up the fire road from the end of the singletrack was really a slog, but other than that it was outsanding riding.