MUni pic-"Raw"

Just finished stripping the standard KH blue off the frame of my ‘07, and put her back together! I think I’m lovin’ it!:smiley: (Hub & rim tape’s still blue though…oh well.)

that looks hot. How did you get it off?

I’ll tell ya it wasn’t easy! First I applied stripper gel (supposedly VERY strong), and then began with the scraping. Wasn’t coming off that well so I reapplied several coates of the stipper, let it sit, then scrapped again.

Finally, I hosed it down, dried it and took most of the reamining paint off with my brass grinding wheel. Then for the smaller detail removal I used my dremel withg a small wire wheel briush. Final detail was done with 0000 steel wool, then coated with matt clear spray. Lots of work but a nice result!:slight_smile:

Nice, I was going to do that to my kh muni too so I went to the store with Evan and Cody to get paint stripper but we are not 18 so they wouldnt let us get it.
It looks good.

I’d be afraid for Cody to have paint stripper, the people at the store probably made the right choice haha :wink:

When I get bored with the natch look I’ll do camo again. That looked pretty cool on my long-gone (sold) DX Muni.

Haha true. I just realized I wrote we are now 18 instead of not 18, haha. I edited my post, its still in your quote.

Haha I noticed that too but figured you meant “not”. :roll_eyes:

i did the same to my muni and trials but i polished them

Whoa that’s nice, but I’m a tad color blind so that looks like it’s been painted another color! How did you “polish” it? The finish looks completely different than mine.

It looks like chrome in real life. i did it with lots of time in front of a buffing wheal.

Terry if you want the polish look, I’ve done a lot of car parts. A buffer and the right compound and that should polish fast. Kind of makes me want to do that but I have the whole blue mojo going now.

So you think i could do this to my kh 07 trials because that looks soooooo! cool!

The trick to paintstripper is use a lot, make sure it gets in all the corners, and leave it for an hour before you start scraping.

Sure you can. But you might want to consider just having it “powder blasted”, which is like sandblasting but it won’t “pit” the aluminium. Shoudn’t cost more than $20 to have it done. If I had to do it again I would opt for the powder blasting over paint stripping, which is just messy and time consuming.

These are some awesome looking munis but, isn’t there something fundamentally wrong with a shiny, clean municycle? Kinda like a mountain bike without mud. Or an awesome offroad vehicle that’s clean and polished and obviously never saw a dirt road.

Of course I know that MuniAddict isn’t afraid to get his dirty;)

I agree. I take my onza out and roll it in the mud now and again so that it looks like I’ve been doing some hard core dirt riding. :slight_smile:

The reason that stripped and buffewd KH 20 looks green is that it’s reflecting back the color of the grass around it. The uni frame itself being almost a mirror. I sort of like Terry’s military matt silver. The whole shiny thing seems plain wrong on a Muni, as the nice British woman pointed out.


don’t taute, udc are late deliving my kh hub :frowning:

It hasn’t been used since the stripping yesterday, but it will get a good ride today and hopefully get some good ol’ dirt on it! And I’m also going to keep it un-polished, with just the matt finish…I don’t want to blind anyone with a super-shiny MUni!:smiley: