Muni photos - Saddle Rock, Santa Barbara...

Some excellent muni photos of a trail called Saddle Rock in Santa Barbara (I think), care of John Long (“vivalargo”). He can add the detailed descriptions later…

(He was unable to post these himself due to some sort of error)


Pic 1 of 5 - 5 foot gap onto rocky rollout


Pic 2 of 5 - Riding the skinny ot avoid the sand


Pic 3 of 5 - Eyal airborn on the sandy rock section


Pic 4 of 5 - Hans and Cal. Muni Weekend orgainzer, Eyal


Pic 5 of 5 - This one has been resized from a 1.7MB photo. I’ll try to post it as a .zip file.

This isn’t quite the full size image but it’s still bigger than the previous one… (792 KB)

Thanks for posting those shots, Andrew. The best pics are of Eyal (not yet posted) who absolutely smoked that trail. There’s also a few of Hans (the Flying Dutchman) that are excellent. I’ll try and post the good ones once I figure out how. This is the trail that some folks are going to tackle (as a very unofficial ride) on the Thursday befor the start of Cal. Muni Weekend.


Sweet! I love that last one.