Muni photos from Santa Barbara

Howdy all,

Here are some photos i took yesterday of Eyal and Hans riding the famous (to MTB folks in socal anyways) Tunnel Trail. These guys were having a great day, unfortunately my photos don’t do justice.

And I quote Nathan, " Let me know if you’re interested in another similar ride there on Jan 17, 2004 - if you’re in the area, you’ll love it. The trails are fantastic!"

Come on down, lets ride.

I threw in some photos of the views to help entice.


Hey Matt,

Way to go on the photos! Now you’ve really got my attention! I’ll be in LA after the 13th and hope to rendezvous with you for the ride on the 17th. I’ll be in touch as soon as I get settled-in.


That looks like a fun trail.

Who is who in the photos? Can you add some captions to show who the subjects are?

Threw in some captions. Man those are some bad photos. I might try to lighten some up if I have time tonight.


I have had the pleasure of riding with Hans, Eyal, Nathan & Beau Hoover in the Santa Barbara Mountains and as far as I know, it is some of the best riding southern California has to offer.

Looks a lot like the PCT, which I surmise is just to the east. Such beautiful country! I thought it was all burned, though… Not that far west, is that it?

Scot - I’m going to ride with you someday! I heard you might not get to come out on the 17th - bummer. Hopefully soon.

Dave - Yup PCT is east of us. We were lucky not to have any fires this round. Most of the major ones were south closer to LA and San Diego. A couple smaller ones just North. Eventually I hope to hire you to build one of those Wilder/Stockton 36" unis. Maybe part of the payment could be putting you up here for a week or something :).


Nice nice nice… I have a lot more of the PCT to hike. Perhaps the JMT this summer if I can.

Awesome Pics Matt. If California just wasn’t so far from Tennessee.

Have a great time out there Tommy. --chirokid–

Whoops meant to say “Hunter/Stockon”.