Muni Pedals?

As my basic aluminium pedals are starting to ware away i was wondering what people advise for muni?

i ride a 24" qu-ax unicycle for muni so lots of it is technical.

:smiley: your posts will be appreciated:D

I use snafus, but I havent tried anything else for muni. a good person to ask would be Terry (muniaddict)

DMR V12, legendary pedal

I use and LOVE these:

They have been the very best pedals I’ve ev er owned. Maximum foot area, drilled holes to save weight, grippy to the extreme, durable. The best imo! :sunglasses:

i use animal hamiltons. they’re the best pedals ive ever used. good grip and extremely durable. ive had them for well over a year and havent had a problem with them. plus they come in a whole heap of cool colours.

I use Xpedo MX-3.

  • Weight.
  • They use socket-headed pins instead of the common allens. These do not bend like allens do.


  • Replacement pins are hard to find (although you get a few with the pedals).
  • IMO allens provide better grip.

So far they survive for 4-5 months and took quite a few hits, so they already survived longer than the Wellgos which I had before.

It depends if you wear leg gaurds

I would recommend the DMR v 12 if you want a metal pinned pedal, based on strength, weight , price compromise.

I use plastics a lot because I do a lot of hot, mostly level, sandy sea weedy muni over soft ground. I 've used the metal DMR’s for this, but run the risk of striping my leg with the pins. The pedals are more dangerous then the ground. LOL

So plastic pedals have a lot going for them in hot weather where you can ride bare legged. Lightest, cheapest, shallowest scratching, and some plastics have ok grip.

I like Odessy twisted pc, and the dimension basic 8 $ MTB pedals. These two have the best wet grip of plastics I have tried. Some plastics at truly horrible wet. I think A E B still has the best deal on these, with their low shipping charge.

Forgot the link

Great Muni Pedals

I agree with Kobis that the Xpedos are great pedals. Currently I have Bontrager Big Earls on my MUni. They are not bad Downhill pedals but I don’t like the Allen grips. I have had the Xpedos that Kobi talks about on my trials unicycle for over half a year now and I love them. The grip is amazing and they only weigh 416 grams. I am going to get them for my MUni as soon as the Bontrager dies.

As for Hex head replacement pins. I am thinking of having a large batch specially made. Let me know if anyone is interested in ordering form me.


I haven’t tried these, but it seems like they would be at one with nature and thus great for a muni. Maybe for a 12" muni…

I use Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals for my muni, they work well.