Muni pedals - what do you like?

The wellgo pedals that came with my kh24 are wearing out. I want to replace them before they leave me stranded. I keep reading about wellgo-B27’s or B37’s. Would these happen to be the ones available on Even if they are not, I’m considering getting those because they are cheap and I don’t mind spending $15 per year to replace them.

What do you think?


The Wellgo B27’s and B37’s are OK pedals. However, they do eat bearings because of the design of the pedal. They use the same basic design as the Easton platform pedals and many other MTB/BMX platform pedals. The problem is that the design puts too much side load on the bearing and the bearing eventually falls apart. Depending on how rough you are on the pedals you can get as little as a few months use before the bearings fail or as long as a year or more before the bearings fail. If you can get the B27’s or B37’s for a real good price then they are OK. Just be prepared to replace the bearings when they fail. I use the Wellgo’s on my Coker, but I don’t use them on my muni. On a Coker the B27’s or B37’s will last a long time. On a muni their life expectancy is shorter.

My comments above refer to the sealed version of the pedals. The “unsealed” bearing version shouldn’t have the same problem. But unsealed pedals require their own special types of maintenance.

If you want a bomb proof muni pedal try the Atom Lab Aircorps. I have a review of them here. They’re expensive at around $100, but they’re worth it. I get over a years use out of the bearings with fairly rough riding. And when the bearings fail the platform doesn’t fall off the spindle like the B27’s and B37’s do.

I love the Aircorps for muni. I have two pairs (one pair for each muni). I don’t think there is a better muni pedal out there. If you can get over the $100 sticker shock they’re a good deal because they’ll last and aren’t likely to leave you stranded during a ride.

I run the Sun ringle Zuzu pedals on my muni, which have satisfied me, except a platform strut on my left pedal has cracked :angry: from an unsucessful pedal grab. I bought these because they were cheap and had sealed bearings, but I wouldn’t buy them again. They’re weak and not all of the pins are replaceable. Buy the aircorps or the shimano DX’s. Those will last forever.

On my Coker and MUni I have DDG platform pedals with sealed bearings. DDG stands for ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ and is an 'own brand of Super Cycles in Nottingham - the people who do Onza unis.

To look at, they’re pretty similar to the Wellgo BMX pedals I’ve had on my old Pashley UMX for 15 odd years. They’re trapezoid, but with clean cut removable pins where the Wellgos have moulded metal nipples.

Two choices: pay 20 GBP (30 US$) every few hundred miles, or pay 3 or 4 times that for a pair that lasts 3 or 4 times as far?

atomlabs are indeed lovely.

I found that the cheapo v12 copies I had didn’t last very long before going wobbly.

With hard riding and lots of riding, cheap pedals last about 3-4 weeks before not being so nice to ride and maybe 6 months before being nasty. Whereas atomlabs ones just keep on working. I’ve also had success with azonic a-frames, although only after I loctited the endcaps down which due to the side load that John is talking about.

Expensive pedals also have much better grip which is great for winter riding.

If you’re wearing out a pair of pedals a year, then get expensive ones, £50 for good pedals is only three pairs of cheaper ones. However if you’re riding on cheapo ones and they’re lasting forever then you may be fine with them, although you’re missing out on the extra grip and better platform that they have, which really makes a difference to your riding.

Personally I reckon people are silly about pedals, surely along with the seat, they’re one of the most important parts of the unicycle, probably more so than an expensive frame, it’s worth getting good ones.


After quite a while on Wellgo B-37, I switched to Easton Cully. I don’t recommend these because of their price but I stumbled on this one pair for $57 a year ago and finally am giving it a try. I think they list for $130 or something. I know others who love these - cost seems to be the only downside. The pins are even better (sharper and skinnier) than the B37s, but to thin to survive pedal grabs. They feel fantastic.

In general, find a decent pair under $30 that you like and plan on replacing them every year or so, or maybe just the bearings.