Muni Pedals & Big Apple

I am looking for pedals for muni, preferably odyssey twisted pedals with pins, and a Big Apple tire (29x2.0).

I have a used 29x2.35 Big Apple hanging in my garage that has been there since this Spring when I swapped it out for a Maxis Ardent to go Muni. I figured I might want to go back to the street tire but have not wanted to. I believe it has a wire bead, which would make shipping a bit more expensive. It is in pretty good shape (no cuts, dings and you can still see all of the original tread pattern). I also swapped out the tube at the same time so that could go with the tire. If you are interested, let me know what you you were thinking on price.

How would the difference between the 2.0 and 2.3 matter on the KH29? Any noticeable difference do you think?

Others have reported that the 2.35 tire is more sensitive to road crown.

I would want to be sure it would clear the frame. I assume it would, but better safe than sorry. I had it on a Nimbus, so I can’t tell you if the KH frame is wide enough. I bet folks here will k ow though.

I just got the BA tire 2.0 new. I got a good price for it online.

I’m thinking of getting one for my new 29er so let me know how it goes.