Muni or Trials?!?!

Here’s the deal:

I’m a fairly decent rider that can do small jumps just using my Savage 24" (which I recently broke), and now I’m looking for a more advanced unicycle. Off roading and trials both look like tons of fun-- but I’m having trouble deciding which type of unicycle to buy.

Could I buy a 24" Muni and use it for the occaisonal trials? Similarly, could I buy a 20" Trials and use it for the occaisonal muni?

Finally, what are the best unicycles to buy for muni and trials? The KH24 seems a bit expensive…I’d like to find something less than $400. Thank you so much for your reply, I’m desperate for any information you can give!!

I was in a similar situation a year and a bit ago. John Childs convinced me to buy a muni and use it for trials as well. I did and I don’t regret it at all. I now own both a muni and a trials uni, among others, and it was definately the right decision for me. But muni is my preference so it may be different for others. Good luck with whatever you decide.


It should also depend on what sort of a place you live in. Is it better for trials or muni? Where I live is far better for trials, I havn’t actually experienced propper muni yet, so it’s trials all the way for my unicycling. But yeah, look at your surroundings.

muni or trial

i know this may be a stupid question, but i guess since i am somewhat new to unicycling, what is the difference between and muni (mountain uni) and a trial?

You’re probably not getting responses because you didn’t post this in RSU (I for one check RSU all the time but product reviews hardly ever.)

From knowledge I’ve gained from just reading these forums, trials is jumping gaps, hopping up onto things like home made platforms or street things like stairs, riding rails and walls. Muni is like mountain biking.

muni or trial

hey thanks. yeah, i am interested in both. in fact my bro and i ran down to lowes the other day to get prices for supplies to make our own “obstacle course” in our back yard. and i am hoping to get a muni soon so do al that with. so, thanks again.

So where in Australia do you live, citimaker?


muni or trials

i live in augusta georgia. but i am heading to utah for college this july. so i am hoping to get a muni soon, so that i can learn to ride off road and go to moab in utah. i am excited. how about y’all?