Muni or Trials?

Ive been unicycling for about 2 months now and I can ride with ease but I would like to take it to the next level. I have been wanting to start muning and I as Christmas is coming up i think this is a perfect opptitunnity to get my first proper unicycle. But recently this guy at my club recommends that I may want to start trails it looks cool. What should i do Muni or trails?

Ps: Im 12 and my inseem is 27.5

Think about what looks more interesting to you but also keep in mind your local riding area.

Do you have easy access to off-road trails within riding distance? If you need to have someone drive you to the trails that could really limit how much you’ll be able to ride.

It’s pretty easy to set up simple obstacles for trials practice in your yard or driveway and you can practice street skills almost anywhere, but if you live off of a dirt road in the woods then a MUni would be probably more useful.


Yer i forgot to take this into account i live quite near the city center but there a a few mountain bike tracks nearbey


do both. go figure.

Read that back carefully. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you something. :wink:

Trails or trials? :thinking:


same situation.
except im a month a head haha.
i went all out and got the kh trials ( with loans of course ;] )
i too have mountain paths within 30 minute driving distance, but i didnt think it was feasible.

trials ftw for me


Im Still not sure

I would get a 20" trials unicycle. You can also use it for beginner muni :).

Good catch! I read this thread and didn’t even notice!


What am i missing?

The title was right but in your post you said Muni or trails instead of trials.
I agree with Ben_Ceyssens think about the 20" trials and use it for beginner Muni. Especially if you don’t live close enough to trails you might loose interest or not ride enough. Trials or street you can do pretty much anywhere, but go with your gut feeling because ultimately you have to choose what you will want to do and what will challenge you to keep riding. Whatever you choose, best of luck and happy trails or trials :smiley: