Muni or ... supertanker?

As part of my ongoing project to make my muni very heavy (and also suitable for long distance riding on and offroad) I’ve been fitting bottle cages everywhere I can. Illustrated here are the T7 Handlebar bottlecage mounts in operation. All the bottle cages are variants of the Ciussi by Elite (

I’ve also fixed a bottle cage to the seat tube using some bottlecage clips, also from Elite. I’ve had lots of success with this product on unicycles: they consist of two plastic blocks with metal nuts inside for the bottle cage to screw into. Each has a long serrated tape attached, which is pulled round the frame and into the main body of the clip. There’s a screw for tightening this up nice and firm so that you can get a good solid mounting.

Bottles themselves were cheap from Halfords. Two 700ml bottles at the front, and a 500ml bottle at the rear (so that it’s still reasonably protected against impact by the T7). I actually think I’ll probably eventually move the rear cage onto my other uni and have a small wedge bag on here instead. But in the meantime, whilst the weather is hot, it’s nice to have the option of carrying lots of drink!

Haha nice, have you considered a camelback?

exactly what I was going to ask.

Heh :slight_smile: Fair point!

Actually I have a 2 Litre platypus pack but I find it makes my back get really sweaty. The idea of mounting all this junk on the unicycle is that a) my back won’t be sweaty, b) less weight on my saddle = more comfy c) don’t have to remember to bring a packed backpack!

It’s come quite a long way from the barebones, simple means of transportation it was originally! It maintains what for me is the really important essence of unicycle fun though: single fixed wheel. I don’t have to use the handlebars or brakes, they’re just for convenience. I can do everything I need just by thinking about it (and moving my legs)

Good enough reasons for me. That and if you needed A LOT of water you could do both options.

Yeah - the thought had crossed my mind :slight_smile: Maybe I should go find a desert to ride it across…

I should probably comment on the handling, having posted this. It’s … a bit heavy! I’m hoping it’ll be a little less noticeable once I’ve got used to it. It’s actually not too bad, but wouldn’t want to spend too much time riding with all the bottles full. I’ve previously used a single 500ml bottle up front and that was fine, and a single 500ml bottle on the frame was OK too.

Today, with the full 1900ml on there it did feel noticeably more sluggish to handle. Once I’d drunk the front 700ml bottle, things felt much better. I guess you’d expect that one to make most difference, being out front: the others are closer to the centreline.

Do you ever have problems with losing your rear bottle from its cage? This happens to my bottles on my 36er every 100 miles or so when I ride on road…Id think you’d see it happen a bit more often off road. Also, your seat angle is much higher than mine which seems like it might put that rear bottle in a good position to fall out.

I’ve only just added the rear cage, so I’ve not really had a chance to test this yet. I UPDed earlier and that might it fall out tho :wink: The rear bottle is only 500ml so it’s not too heavy, plus I applied a bit of brute force and bent the bottle cage so that it grips very tightly. I only rode a few miles today, tho so it’ll be a while before I can comment more than to say it feels quite secure.

Yes, that worried me too. In practise, the bottle is so tight it’s quite hard to pull out manually. However, I think might seat is tilted up more than I want for the flatter freeride saddle, so I’ll be tweaking the nose down shortly.

I’m thinking that a good way to carry water might be to have one bottle on the frame and one on the front of the T7, then swap the frame bottle to the T7 for easy access when you’ve emptied one. Have you tried something like this?

what if the back bottle was mounted to the back of the frame?

I used to have it like that actually. My brake gets in the way a bit now, but I certainly ought to be able to get the small bottle in. Not so sure about the larger ones but might just be able to do it for those too. It might make it harder to use a wedge pack, though, which is something I’m hoping to add in the future.

Check out what this guy at Surly did with the Conundrum prototype “Goiter”:

Search for “Goiter” or just scroll down about 2/3 of the way, you’ll see a unicycle outfitted much like the “Super tanker” I think there are some other archived posts on this set up as well.

How do you get the vertically mounted bottle out?

Ah - thanks for that! I’d come across the Goiter before but I forgot about it. That is a lot of water bottles!

There’s just enough flex in the bottle and the cage to pull it out slightly sideways and upwards. It’s actually not as difficult to get it out as it sounds / looks :wink: Arguably I could use a side-loading bottle cage for some of these (actually, probably particularly useful for the front one!) although I’m a bit nervous that’d make it easier for the bottle to fall out.

So far I’ve only tried accessing that bottle when stationary, so I’m not sure what it’d be like to get at whilst riding. I expect it’d be doable, but not necessarily straightforward / dignified!