Muni or coker, what to buy?

I have always wanted four unis, a trials/street uni, a freestyle uni, a muni and a coker/comuter uni. So far I have got my KH 20 for street and trials and I have my nimbus X for freestyle. I was planning on buying a 36" comuter next. Now I think we may be going to the lake district for a week or two so Shall I buy a muni now? If so what should I buy? or should I buy a coker next as I planned to and take my KH 20 to the lake district? What do you think?

are there many mountains in england?
because the MUni might be useless if there are none.

There are not many which is why I was going to buy a comuter first but as were going to the lake district and I hate even going down small hills without a break I thought a muni would be nice. There are some big hills and a big downhill mountain bike track “near” me which I would problably go down but still I guess im not going to do it often.

sweet, i didnt even read your first post, just the title.

Do you have a daily commute that you can do on a unicycle? If so, then get the coker, cos it’s great for that.

If not, I’d get the muni first. Unless you’re in Essex or Lincolnshire, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to have some good muni riding near you wherever in the UK you are, it’s just a matter of finding out about it and working out how to get yourself there, either by riding there, or bunging it on a train or bus or whatever.


Get the Muni, theres nothing worse than trying to do Muni on a Trials uni! I did for ages until I went a bought a Muni then I realised what I’d been missing!

Go for the Muni, you won’t regret it!

Rock on!

What are people riding there?

If everyone is riding Cokers, get one.
If most people have munis, get one.

Since you are getting both anyway,
probably get the one you need first.


Whoah kool, do essex have a reputation for being bad for Muni?! woo! :roll_eyes: :frowning:

Get BOTH!:smiley:

You don’t need mountains to do MUni.

A Muni is a unicycle optimised for negotiating difficult terrain with some steep sections up and down. A mountain is a lot of difficult terrain with steep sections up and down, all sort of grouped together for convenience. The most difficult piece of off road riding you can do is MUni.

Essex has hills. So does part of Lincolnshire. Parts of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire are almost perfectly flat. You would still appreciate A MUni in parts of these counties, when the mud is deep and the path is narrow and winding.

I had a Coker and a MUni. When something had to go, it was the Coker - after many happy miles. Occasionally, I miss it.

The MUni is more versatile.

What about a 29? Best of both worlds? See Cathwood’s thread thereon.

muni! - endless fun

Well a Muni would certainly not be my main ride round here, there aren’t hills or sufficient off road tracks to ride on, if I were to ride through a field itd just be on my kh20.

Maybe im just unlucky, but I can appreciate the few muni spots there are, on my kh20 :sunglasses:

I’d possibly say the coker, could always do abit of muni on that. or maybe a 29" best of both?!?

Im kinda in the same decision but seming a si need to buy a car soon i wont be getting either! :frowning:

Mikefule already came in where I was going to; MUni is not about mountains, it’s about riding over bumps. People who don’t live near mountains will not be denied?

So the question is which to buy first, right? A 36" is more different than what you already have, while a MUni will be a bit more similar. Where will you ride, who wants to ride with you, on what, etc? Make up your mind already… :slight_smile:

MUni: KH
36": Nimbus

My first uni was a 20" UMX - for it’s time, that was “the business”, with a wide rim and a fat grippy tyre. By today’s standards, it was primitive and heavy. I rode many many miles around our local country park on that on narrow muddy paths. It can be done.

Trust me on this: a 24" is hugely better than a 20" even for muddy narrow paths. A 24" is 20% bigger than a 20". It rolls over stuff better, gets bogged down less, and encourages you to go off the path and try stuff you would ride past on a 20".

Add to that the extra fat tyre of a KH24 which gives you an effective rolling diameter nearer to 26" and you have a machine capable of going almost anywhere that your skill will take it.

I do most of my riding on or near a river bank. This is, by definition, not hilly. It is mud, small bumps, occasional swoops down little slopes, occasional slogs up small but steep slopes. Away from the river there are sometimes cart tracks, woods, flood banks etc.

I have ridden all of my territory many many times on 20, 24, 24x3, 700c, and Coker. Have no doubt at all that even a KH24 will open up new possibilities to you compared to a KH20. Yes, you can do it on a 20, but the 24 is designed to do it.

I have never unicycled off road in Essex, but I visit the county every year for the Thaxted Ring Meeting, and as part of that we tour the area on a coach, visiting country pubs and villages, annoying the locals with our Morris dances and merry songs of old England. I see loads of stuff from the coach windows that I would like to explore on a KH24 or a 26".

From a 24 to a 26 = 8%. That’s a big step in performance.
26 to 29 = 11.5%
29 to 36 = 24%

20 - 29 = 45%

If I had only one uni for all purposes, it would be a 29. Ironically, that is the only one I do not have in my fleet. So I use the 700c x 23 mm for roads and easy cross country; 26 x 2.3" for tougher cross country, and the 24 x 3" is the tractor that takes me anywhere. The 20" is consigned to occasional play, and performance.

Well, that pretty much sums it all up:)

Thanks for all your advise and responce. Im still tied between them. Although I am swaying towards the KH 29. Do you think I will still want a 36" even when I have a KH 29? how much different are they?
thanks again

I thought I would still want my 29" for city commuting after I got my 36"…started letting friends borrow the 29er after a week of having the 36" and sold it to a friend after a couple of months. Its very different and riding the 29" for commuting after riding the 36" and seems pretty slow. You may convert the 29" into a bigger muni but you probably will want to ride distance on the 36 from then on

Thats sort of what I thought might happen.

I think I will go for a KH 29 with a brake so I can use it for steep muni, comuting and when in town I will be able to jump stair sets without too many worries.

I am not sure which brake lever mount to go for. which do you believe is best? The one were it is fixed to the underside of the seat or the one were it is attached to the seatpost?

Underside of seat would probably be easier to get to. So you’re getting a second 29er and already have one if I’m reading this properly?