Muni Opportunities

I have a cottage in Whiteshell Provincal Park (eastern Manitoba), and I spend most of the summer there with my family. So anyways, the other day me, my brother and a friend went bicycling (I unicycled) to Cabin Lake Hiking Trail, which I found would be awesome for Muni. But I only have a 20" norco, and absolutey no Muni experienced, so I really couldn’t do much, even my friends on bikes were having difficulties because there is alot of rocks and logs, so we ended up walking. But I bet for people with a good Muni and some experience, the hiking trails of Whiteshell would make for some great Muni, and whats great about eastern Manitoba and western Ontario, is that there is alot of Canadian shield, which is huge surfaces of rock, this provides some smooth riding but with a lot of drops and bumps. I am planning to buy Norco’s new Muni so I can handle the rocks, the roots and all the other bumps!!