Muni-Only Race, Schenectady, NY Sunday 23 Sept 2012

(Re)Announcing this year’s off-road race open to unicycles only.
That’s right the date has changed…
Muni-only race, Schenectady, NY, Sunday, 23 Sept 2012, 10AM.

Register on
The fee is to cover insurance (required by the city) and trail use.

This will be a race around a 3-4 mile lap course. Most laps in 2 hours wins, and if you cross the finish line at 1:59 you go out for a final lap (or not).

Prizes for most laps! The more entrants, the better the prizes…
Entry gift for all participants.

Race will begin at 10am on Sunday 23 Sept, 2012.

The race will be held at the mountain bike trails at Central Park, Schenectady NY. These are awesome trails for muni, ‘semi-technical’. It’s a great mix of terrain including flowing single track, logs to hop over, boardwalks to ride, and lots of short but steep hills. We will announce the final course route later, but will aim for a 3-4 mile lap that will take the fastest riders ~30min to cover.

However, the course also has lots of open sections that even beginner muni riders can enjoy. A ‘something for everyone’ route, perfect for this race. This course has been done on a 24, 29, and 36, so most any size wheel is possible here. The 36er was not optimal on the steep hills, had to walk it up, and so is probably not the ideal ride. The 29er is faster for the flowy sections, the 24 might be better for getting over some of the logs.

The race is close enough to NYC and Boston area that those riders might decide to just come up Sunday morning. Other riders may decide to come up the night before. For those folks, we will have group muni ride on another set of great trails nearby in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve.

Questions: call Robi (518-703-9011) or Steve (518-229-2320)

Steveyo and TragicWarrior(Robi) have large enough yards to accommodate a few tents, first come first serve (I can even offer the tent). Robi also has a comfy futon and room for several air mattresses. Otherwise, plenty of cheap lodging in the Albany area.

DIRECTIONS to race here

Video of the 2010 fun ride and Muni Race (courtesy of Buzz):

UPDATES: follow this thread

Psyched for this, Rob! Thanks for getting it together.

I spoke w/Rolandissimo (the past RD), and he’s glad you’re carrying on the tradition.

I will help you, TragicWarrior, as much as my sched allows.

I’m planning on going to this.

Who else?

Glad you’re coming out!

Who’s coming so far?

  1. Robi (Albany)
  2. Steve (Albany)
  3. Liz (Albany)
  4. Jeff (Albany)
  5. Buzz (Rochester)

yup I’m in, bringing my brain bucket this year. Be good to see all you guys again!

Dam… I fly home just a few days before the race :frowning:

Change your res, Alan! And bring Lori!

Wish it was that simple :frowning: … maybe next year, especially if it was closer to the NY fest :slight_smile:

Who’s coming so far?

  1. Robi (Albany)
  2. Steve (Albany)
  3. Liz (Albany)
  4. Jeff (Albany)
  5. Buzz (Rochester)
  6. Tom
  7. Kai… hopeful

Just a clip of the trails… sorry,I’m not as good as Buzz

I saw your car there today, Rob!

Awesome Rob! Looking forward to riding with you. You’ve mad a lot of progressive since last year! :sunglasses:

If it hasn’t been done yet, an email/call should be sent to the past year’s riders. Many aren’t on the forums… at least not regularly.

Who’s coming so far?

  1. Robi (Albany)
  2. Steve (Albany)
  3. Liz (Albany)
  4. Jeff (Albany)
  5. Buzz (Rochester)
  6. Tom
  7. Kai… hopeful
  8. Kelley (Mass.)
  9. Steven (Mass.)
  10. Andrew (Mass.)
  11. Other Terrills ?
  12. Eric (Chatham) ?
  13. Jim (Chatham) ?
  14. Other Chathamites ?

Don’t worry, Steve. I could practice those trails every day up until the race and I wouldn’t even come close to beating you!

Saturday fun ride & dinner?

Hi, On Saturday we’ll have a fun-ride at some local trails and then dinner at my house.

Fun ride at 4pm, meet at Guilderland Elementary School (same as last year), back of the parking lot. (2225 Western Avenue, Guilderland, NY). Remember the “fun” part. We don’t want to wear ourselves out for Sunday.

Dinner at 6pm at my house (4153 Albany Street, Albany, NY 12205). We’ll provide as best we can, but feel free to bring food or drinks if you like.

Try to let me know if you’re coming for the ride so we don’t leave without you, and/or for dinner so we have enough food.

Bring your trials uni and play on the “playground”
Also, feel free to crash at or place that night. We’ve got lots of floor space and such :wink:

So this race was a fabulous success! Thanks to Rob and Liz for getting it together, and Heather, Andrew, and team HRRT for directing and scoring the race. Thanks to all who came out! Fun, fun, fun, but now sore. My no-training regimen do not pay off during the 2.5 hours of muni.

Read Buzz’s writeup here!

I had a great time. Thanks!

Thanks guys. Glad we could do this. Liz and I both had an awesome time! Love the review, Buzz! Thanks to everyone for helping to make this all come together. Be thinking how we can get more participants for next year. Anything short of cloning ourselves… unless they offer a group rate.

Also, Century Group Ride next summer(ish)… It’ll be EPIC!!!

Buzz (1st), Steven (5th), Jeff (8th), Kelley (4th), Robi (2nd), Steve (3rd), Tom (7th), Liz (6th), Andrew, Xander

… hope that’s all correct.

Group c2.jpg