Muni on the telly?

My father-in-law gave me this clip from the telly guide of, I think, the Mail. Did they really show film from BMW? Anybody see it or better still record it? Any idea who (and where) that is in the photograph?


Looks like Kris Holm on the North Shore.
Could be wrong.

That is DEFITNITLY not northshore.

He could mean on the north shore of Canada, rather than the particular type of trail called ‘north shore’ which is prevalent in that area.

Heh, look at a map please, the north shore of Canada would be up in the arctic. It is the north shore of a body of water which runs through BC.

North Shore is a specific area along Vancouver’s North shore. Some cool trails and man-made stuff in there. That looks like a picture of Kris Holm at Whistler, from several years ago, wearing his red/white/green Norco jersey.

Yeah that’s what I ment:)


On a second look, that steep rock looks like the image from the KH posters you can buy at
He’s wearing a jersey in the picture above, but everything else seems to match.

For reference, that image was also used on the backs of the T-shirts and sweatshirts at the 1999 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, so the image has been around a while…

It LOOKS like something Kris Holm would ride down :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies - I suspected it was an oldish pic because it looks like a 26" wheel and fairly normal mountain bike tyre (i.e. not 3"), and now you mention it I think I’ve probably seen KH in a picture like that.

So does anybody know about the BMW reference? And did anybody see the programme?


Somebody must know about this…