Muni on Oregon Public Broadcasting program

October 5th at 6:30 pm, OPB Oregon Field Guide will feature a story covering Mountain Unicycling. I was told that they filmed some of this in the Bend, OR area. My brother has a friend that rode his unicycle with others from Bend for OPB to film.

Here is a link OPB Oregon Field Guide.Mountain Unicycling


Sunday Sunday Sunday!

we will have to be home from our ride by the time that comes on…i dont have a VCR but it would be nice to record it.ive never even heard of those guys?

i pulled a strange new link off of the OPB site that ive also never heard of it looks like its still in the making though.

i know there is a guy from Vulture cycles that rides muni in Bend,i wonder if he is related?

Jag, what happened to your eye man?

the I-man

I have a VCR and I will record it.

The guy that my brother knows is Greg. He has a Vulture made Muni.

Jagur, I’ll call you later today to figure out where we’ll be riding tomorrow.


it just aired!

anybody see this besides me and DDR?

Re: it just aired!

well i guess nobody but us watches OPB??

if you would have watched,you would have found out that “off-road” unicycling was “non-exsistant” 5 years ago because it was “started” here (Bend,OR) :roll_eyes:

i think its safe to say that Oregon Public Broadcasting didnt look any father than the city Bend,Oregon for there MUni facts.

This show is going to be on again tonight (March 4th 2004) on OPB at 8:30

Wouldn’t mind seeing it. If one of you more technologically advanced in the Oregon area could post it, that would be great. I have no way of seeing it otherwise.