Muni on Mount Wilson

Pretty good Muni. Posted almost two years ago, but apparently I’m the first view :thinking:

One wheeled assault on Mount Wilson

Yep, this is in my area and the riders are Tony and Iain. Iain is on this board on occasion.

Bummer that the road collapsed after the tunnel. Used to do a weekly ride up from Altadena, loop around the antennas, top off the water and bomb it back down.

I don’t recognize anything after Inspiration Point - is that still part of the Wilson descent, or somewhere else?

It’s not all Mt. Wilson, I recognize some McGill trail on Mt Pinos and there’s a lot of other things I don’t recognize.

Are you in the area? Some of us just rode 2 laps of El Prieto on Saturday.

I’m in the CV! I solo Brown / El P twice a week (lunch escape). PM me an email address sometime - would love to line up a ride!

Funny that this old video popped up. The footage is from Mount Wilson, and the wooden stunts from Keystone resort in Colorado. I fall on my ass going down Hummingbird, Simi Valley and some random stuff from Thousand Oaks.

entropy - nice hooking up for a ride today!

Punyuni - It sounds like you’re in the area. We have a group about 5-7 strong as a subset of our MTB club doing muni rides many weekends. We’re based in the San Fernando Valley and ride the Santa Susanas, Verdugos, and San Gabriels. Look us up at and look for the Muni section of the message board.