Muni on Colorado TV

This was posted on, not sure if it was posted here yet. It might be too late but sounds like a good opportunity for someone in Colorado.

KCNC TV Channel 4 in Denver is looking for MUNI riders who would like to showcase their skills on TV. ZWe’re producing a show called “Extreme Colorado Getaways.”
We need to shoot this segment in the last week of may or the first week of June at the very latest.

please contact me at one of these email address if you are interested.

David Levy
KCNC TV Channel 4 (CBS)

It is best not to post peoples email addresses on usenet. Or if you do you should obscure and obfuscate the address so it no longer looks like an email address to the bots that troll the newsgroups looking for email addresses to add to their spam list.

Oops. You’re right - thanks for the reminder.