Muni on a 20"

Have you considered a 26" Muni? I don’t have a 24 so I cant really compare but I find the 26 WAY faster and easier than my trials on the trails.

between a 26 and a 20 you could do anything that you could with a 24 (and probably do it faster)

Fantastic suggestion. The trouble (for me) with 20" is a lot to do with the speed. The trail isn’t always hard going, and sometimes you just want to zoom along. 24" is fairly fast, but 20" is barely more than walking pace. I’m no speed daemon, but 20" on the trail would be too slow to cope with. And of course, my 24" wheel with a 3" diameter tyre easily rolls over roots and rocks that you have to jump on a 20".

I’d love to give 26" a go myself but it’s several miles to the nearest good muni ground and my 24" only just squeezes onto the back seat of my car.

So sure, enjoy your muni on a 20" for now, but I promise you, if you get a bigger wheel you’ll never go back.

I do 20" ‘muni’ sometimes and it’s still good fun. I don’t want a sluggish 24" that feels horrid for trials. I do natural trials whilst I ‘muni’ a lot, and speed and covering 25 miles per ride is not my goal so a 20" with 145mm cranks are good enough for me.