Muni on a 20"

I have a torker dx 20" and i wanted to try a little muni (but not too seriously)
And i was thinking about buying a used 24" dx… would it be worth it?
And how much difference does it make?

A 20" is OK for MUni if it’s super-technical and not too long. If it’s long trails with not a lot of technical stuff, a 20" pretty much sucks. If you’re going to be doing a lot of MUni, you’ll appreciate a 24".

It will mostly be like a little trail here and there :smiley:
So it will be possible to enjoy muni with a 20"?

Sure, it’s possible to enjoy it. It’s just slow, and you get pedal hits.

I’m going to be the first to say that its not enjoyable. Riding muni on an actual muni simply does not compare to doing it on a 20".

Unless you’re really good at rolling hops, I say Muni is total crap on a 20".

I find muni on a 20" fine. I ride fast, I still roll over all the rocks, ledges, roots, and whatnot. I dont rolling hop, cause there is no need to, even for the gaps, I just ride them, and have enough speed to carry me over the gap.

I also did all of Moab on a 20", and it was fine.

Yes but you’re not human, that’s the thing.

24" is a downhill unicycle, 29" is an XC unicycle. A lot of people underestimate the 29" though, it can be used for a lot of terrain. There are only a few people who ride real technical downhill.

I did all of moab, cmw, and this years moab on a 20"

it was a blast, but for those trails, a 24" is better.

I mostly do super techy trails, so a 20" works fine, but I just got a muni.

its a beast.

ok thanks everyone :smiley:
I dont think im gonna buy a 24"… i just dont think i’ll use it enough

muni are nice to have, but i find i rarely use it except for comuting to school or when i go out to ride muni. and the rare time we have a street muni session, where we do mainly gaps and stair sets, with some drops

I depends if it’s like a long cruise compared to a short and steep trail. I’ve ridden down some short steep trails on my 20. A 20 is fine for mainly downhill stuff, but it sucks for flat stuff.
That’s my opinion.

flat stuff, 20" do really suck
for uphill or downhill i have more control over 20’s than 24’s.
but i would still ride my 24 for muni of any sort

20 are the best for downhill stuff, because with a smaller wheel it’s easier to hold back.

Now i’m thinking about getting the 24" dx… I really think it would be fun doing Muni :smiley:

But, Do all of you think its a waste of money to get a 24" DX when I already have a 20" one? :thinking:
(and remember that I’m really low on money :smiley: )

It isn’t a waste of money. You will hear plenty of people say this: Muni on 20" is nowhere near as much fun. Frankly, I would never dream of taking a 20" out on the trails. With a little practice, you will manage the steep slopes just fine. Go for long cranks if you’re feeling weak.

How much difference does 4" make? All !

Go for the 24. But save your money and get one of the new ISIS Munis that are coming out (Nimbus, Qu-Ax, Onza, & '07 KH) I think the Koxx Track Monster’s frame is too wide at the top and knee bumping would be a problem.

Until then, enjoy Muni on your 20.

That’s what I’ve done… I’m already waiting for the shipping of my new nimbus muni (26" indeed) and riding my thrusty 20" on trails :slight_smile: so much fun and things to learn even on the small wheel!

i went to my LBS a while aggo to pick up some new pads, and ended up riding the KH 29 that they were trying to sell, anyway the manager was impressed with my riding, and gave me a free lift pass to a downhill/freeride MTB resort. I took my trials uni because i didn’t think my 24" could take the crazy terrain without breaking. I had a great time ripping down the ski hill and carving the berms, but after a few hours i screwed up my seatpost clamp and got heatstroke. It was a lot of work to pedal that much, on steep terrain for that long, and at a good clip, but the 36 C weather put in its bit as well.
Muni on a 20" can be done, but will wear you out much faster (especially if you have long cranks like me :))