muni on 20"?

Does anyone muni on a 20"? Likes/dislikes?

I happily muni on 24 and 29, depending on the track. Have never ridden a 20, but would like something smaller for travel purposes - maybe 20 is it?

It’s certainly possible to do MUni on a 20", but unless you mostly use it to hop, it tends to be slow and plodding. 24" is more fun.

Pedal/foot strike, lousy rollover capability

—but it’s better than nothing, so if the only uni you can take with you is a 20", go for it.

I am just starting to muni and all i have is a 20" Norco Muni, its slow and every bump seems big… but its still a ton of fun =D

I did some muni on my 20". I really suggest you buy a bigger wheel for downhills etc. It’s just way more fun to make more speed :).