Muni of the future

I’ve analysed the phenomenon of Nuni (new unicycling) and isolated the key element of trials, munis and coker.

It’s big, fat tyres.

Based on this, I’ve created the following image of future Muni.

Its a 12" rim (for strengh) with a 12" tyre (for maximum bounce and roll over): -

Wow, that looks like the spare tire out of my car. What would the outside diameter of that wheel be?


It’s not real, but if it were, it’d be about 24".

hey, thats my uni!!!

its a 24 x 3 wheel

Nice MUni!

Here’s my Muni of the future:

  1. Magnetic pedals combined with special shoes that keep your feet planted firmly on the pedals. An onboard computer detects the tilt of the frame and releases the magnetic field during an UPD, or have a voice-activated release (“crash!”).

  2. Sensors detect steep downhill sections and foot pressure on the upswing of the pedal and automatically apply the brakes, like an ABS system on a car.

  3. Steel spikes in the tires can be deployed for maximum traction in rough trail conditions. They can be activated and retracted on voice command.

  4. Flotation system for crossing creeks and rivers. You can remain upright and pedal across the water.

  5. Hydraulic piston in the frame can be activated for achieving very high jumps, similar to a pogo stick, only the piston is powered.

  6. Variable-length cranks for climbing those steep hills.


hey, thats my uni!!!

its a 24 x 3 wheel

Do you mean
a) I’ve got that model of Muni
b) Thats an actual photo of my Muni
and, if b)
do I need to apologise for modifying your photo?
I used it cos’ it looked really impressive even before the tyre expansion, I’ve got loads of uni pics stored and I don’t know where most of them came from, so sorry if I shouldn’t have used it.

feel free to use it, its definatley a picture of mine. It now has a velo though, and some bulletproof glass pedals. Mail me if you want a new pic.

lever (dot) mark (at) ntlworld (dot) com