Muni Noob

Hey there,
Im looking to enter the world of Muni. I am a level 2 unicyclist. I ride a Uni pro 20’. What would a good Muni be for me? I can handle most of my back yard (farmland) and some woods. Im looking for somethig thats quite rugged,low in the price range (under 300) and could be used to cruise around as well as heavy duty Muni.

i think for anything right now the torker DX 2006 is the best one out there. its like $400, and on sale for $250. it has a splined hub and can do drops, or trails like butter. That is for sure the best “Muni” out for the price right now.

save more money and get something like an Qu-ax or Onza(like i have) its always better to get a unicycle that is to good for you, so your skillz will grow in to it, rather then geting a peice-o-crap that’ll break after you do some big drops when you get really good. your 20" will work for now(i used to do all my MUni on a begginer uni) glad to see anouther MUni-er:)

I’m getting a norco muni soon It’s pretty nice splined crank with a kris holm saddle It’s costing me around…$240? Well there it is there

are you sure thats a splined crankset there? I’ve seen that uni in my local bike shop and it looks pretty non-splined.

(sorry i just woke up and can’t remember what non-splined is :thinking: )

I’m riding a KH24, and it’s been great for Muni as well for street and trial. It’s a bit more than 300$, but well worth it.

I’m pretty sure it’s splined I looked in the catalog where I was buying it and It said splined although…It may be splined hub…I unno I just going from what it said

I have the DX2006 and i think its sweet. its my first and only uni so i have nothing to compare it to, but i find nothing to complain about. its strong and it looks very nice. gl hf