[Muni] No Way

After my retirement from my unicycle retirement, here is a winter video from austria :wink:

Cool man. Does riding in snow make riding a lot more difficult?

It is a lot more difficult if everything is just wet. Indeed it is slippery on snow but at a certain point there is enough grip to not fall. Snow makes it fairly easy to slide in a controlled way.

Cool video. Great to see you back again after “giving up” a short while ago :slight_smile: Keep going man :wink:

In the meantime I have thought about many different sports I could try, like parkour, climbing and such things but finally I found out that at the moment unicycling is my sport of choice :smiley: But I also found out after the bail on that log that my recent broken arm does not like bails like that :roll_eyes:

Just take it a little easier with things without going b@lls-to-the-wall … you should be ok :smiley:

Again good to see you back.

Cool! I really liked the snow-powerslide, lol.

Awsome, I like your style.