[Muni] New Vid

Hey, today I made another little Muni vid (I am addicted to making videos I think).


Nice video!

Good riding, good camera work, I liked your new uni sports, and it’s so beautiful where you live!:smiley:

I think it’s time for a 24" inch wheel…:wink:

Yeah, I already have a KH24 but unfortunately had not much luck with it. First week a broken valve and second week a broken spoke. And now, in week four, I am still waiting for replacement spokes. :frowning:

In the meantime I am having lots of fun with my 20" wheel (Most of the time only jumping, because riding straight through the woods on 20" is very difficult and exhausting)

Gotta love a good muni vid.Keep em coming.

Cool video. Looks like you have a really awesome place to ride.

Love that MUni … kinda looks like Minnesota where I live.
Low Bridge … funny! :smiley:

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate that a lot.

Than it must be very very nice where you live :smiley:


I can’t watch vimeo on my computer.:frowning:

Doesn’t work downloading the file from vimeo either?

I don’t have a youtube account and i don’t want to register on so many sites.