[MUNi]My eyes and luck


I was out riding MUni really early this morning came through a place in the trail where there is dense shrubbery on both sides and growing over the top. I always have to duck down to get through. I have gone through here easily twenty times before.

For some reason, I wasn’t paying attention as I went through and I grazed twigs from a branch. The twigs grazed me just on top of my right eye and below it. If I had been any lower or any higher, I would have had a twig scratching or right across my eyeball. I was really lucky.

The irony was that at the top of the hill before I made my gradual descent, I was too lazy to put my sunglasses on, figuring it was 5 minutes to the trail head, why bother.

Next time I wear the glasses.

Work the maze.

Isn’t it always like that? I don’t smash my palms into the ground until I forget to put on my wrist guards

On a side note, my wife just scratched her cornia (she’s OK though) from an elastic that broke and hit her in the eye.

She went to the Doc who put drops in and some dye to see how badly.

She said that eyes heal themselves fairly quickly, and when she went in the next day for a re-examine, it was already almost repaired.