Muni my dirty habbit.(Again)

So i am back in the saddle and the KH kind. I have been out of the unicycling world for a good 10months and if unicycling is still the progressive sport that it was and should be, i am sure i have missed a lot any highlights??! must see’s ect.
Why i hear you cry have i been out for so long? My time for unicycling seriously started to lack when i went to college, then there was no room for it in the car and my room and many other reasons that i will not bore you with, I did do a bit of riding in the summer, mainly road riding riding to work but due to a really crappy ankle injury making very weak.
Any who i am back in the saddle and have gone for a muni twice this week and i am freaking loving it again i still love tech downhill so much even though I can’t do half of what i used to which is very annoying but I feel like I am progressing very quickly. Even though my fitness is failing me a little, I am not unfit i am just fit for climbing which is now my first love, so i really have to build that up again and i’ll be trialsin and muniing with the best of them.
So basically I AM BACK!
One thing what is the “correct” body position for down hill i have found that kind of making a u shape with body and unicycle works best but I may be wrong?
What have you guys been up to?

Nice to see you’r back ben. Hope the ankle hold out this winter.

I don’t know if you’ve seen them or not but there are some videos from Kris Holm at with some written advice from him. They may help, although I don’t think he mentions body position.

Good to hear you’re back into it.


I just went on my first muni ride in a month. I sprained my ankle a month ago and wasn’t able to muni or trials till the ankle got feeling better. It’s now good enough for light muni. After a month of no muni and no Cokering I was sucking wind. My fitness level went down. Makes it a little frustrating but it sure feels good to be able to hit the bumps and (small) drops again. I still need to take it easy on the ankle cause it’s not 100% yet.

10 months with no muni? I don’t know how you managed that. :astonished: