Muni must in molveno

ciao a tutti,

hi all,

the 2nd edition of the open italian MUni championship is launched.

program and registration form are online (english available), click here.

it’s going to be an absolute must for all of us who are addicted to MUni :sunglasses:


on the bottom half of this page there’s a comment in english…

info for molveno

here’s a description of what you can expect in Molveno:

"Hi to all.
I will try to give you an idea of what we are preparing.

Sleeping accommodation will be on the second floor of a nice, quite big sports hall, where it will be possible to play and practise but we won’t be organizing any events there. There will be shower/toilet facilities, in this way the gym area will be free for us to practise in for all of the three days ( it will be possible to arrive and stay there from Thursday afternoon)

From Friday to Sunday another 40 places in a “5-star campsite” will be available where silence is required from 10.00 pm.
Bring your own tent!

For all three days we can use the chairlifts (2 stages) at no extra costs.

Friday is a free practice day and we have to pay for food.

On Saturday lunch and dinner are included
We have to finish the slalom race before 14.30 in order to be at the top of the chairlift to start the non competitive team race.
Depending on the number of riders for the slalom I think we’ll manage individual qualification runs with only one rider on track at a time using a timing system, for the finals it would be nice to run a parallel slalom and in this case the timing system is not necessary (first rider qualifying, the second being eliminated).

In the afternoon and evening we will stay near the lake and in the village, where we plan to organize two games just for fun and show! The first will be something like riding all together in a ring track of 500 m length and doing many laps, every lap the three last will be stopped ( just imagine the rush all together not to be the last, we will need luck to not UPD and it will be fun because also the strongest can lose).

Then we will have dinner all together in the village and after that we will play a new game.
In different areas of the village all of the riders, divided into random teams, will try to accomplish fun tasks like carrying buckets full of water from a fountain to a table all together.
Every zone will have a different fun task and we plan about an hour for these games. (this will also be more of a fun time than a serious competition).
In the evening a short show for all the tourists will be performed by some Italian professionals (our vice president is one of them), then the prize giving of the day and later there will be time to play in a trial arena for anyone who wants to.

On Sunday we’ll go up with the chairlift again, not too early, and we plan to do the uphill race, with a mass start on the grass of the ski track, where the first part is easy and then it becomes harder and harder.

Around 12.00 we will have our packed lunch (included in the fee) and then we will start the downhill race. We still have to decide if we want to use the timing system or not, the track is about 9 km long and there are 800 m of difference in level. The first km is on a large track, then we have a double track and after that a single track. Last year we didn’t have any problems with overtaking and we can divide the riders into different classes (age groups, wheel size,…) if there are too many.

For the awards we’ll sort riders by wheel size (20" wheel and 24" or more) and also by age groups under 15 and 15+. If we have loads of riders, we’ll also divide them by gender and into more age groups.

Last year the winner of the downhill needed 25 minutes to get to the bottom and the last rider took about 65 minutes so we plan to be able to begin the awards and the final party around 15.30/16.00 and conclude the event after 30 minutes. Time for farewells.

We’ll obviously use the iuf rulebook, but we don’t want any official judges and for this reason, last year we introduced a new rule. If two riders have an argument about something which occurred during a race, they have to find a solution among themselves or find some other rider/s, who are willing to negotiate a solution to the disagreement. If they can’t reach a solution, both are disqualified. This has been thought in order to avoid discussions as much as possible.

The fee is 25 euros for riders registering before 23 May, 35 euros after that for online registration, 40 euros on the spot. It is always 50 euros for non riders. Participation in one of the two non competitive games is enough to be considered a rider.

The fee includes:

  • 2 nights in the campsite or gym hall
  • 2 packed lunched (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Dinner on Saturday evening
  • chairlifts
  • T-shirt (maybe no longer available for late registration)

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, if you have some doubts please let me know ASAP :slight_smile:
I look forward to meeting you all in Molveno

Ciao, M."

don’t hesitate: register yourselves!!!