Muni Music Mix

So, I’m trying to create a Muni Music Mix for this weekend, something that will last me all day as I ride, what kind of music do you guys listen to on long rides to keep you pumped? I’m gonna need a lot of ideas! I’m open to any suggestions.

Personally I notice a distinct spead increase when listening to any of the following bands;

Green Day
Beastie Boys
The Grates
Adam Ant

Although anything with a good, strong, fast beat tends to work well. I guess it depends on what kind of music you’re in to though as you’ve got to like what you’re listening to.


Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and The Beast

Lustmord and Wargasm
Black Metal
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Sodomy and Lust
Twisting Further Nails

Great powerful upbeat songs.

Last song is more of a calming down song from the rest of them.

System of a Down-our teams music to get pumped for MTB races.

You can spread quicker?

I personally like anything with a beat. Daft Punk, or any Drum and Base music kicks.


He wrote “spead” but ok…

Eeeek! There seems to be something wrong with one of these infinate trypewrites I’ve been using for an eternity :smiley:


Download Lustmord and Wargasm, that will make eternity pass quicker.

I’m not one to usually judge people’s taste in music, but Cradle of Filth is just that, filth. If you want some decent metal check out Opeth, Killswitch Engage or In Flames. Sure, there are tons of other amazing bands but I cant list them all here.

I myself cant resist some nice fast Industrial music.

I listen to Opeth, but I absolutely refuse to listen to those other bands.

I hate Metallica… but I didn’t mention that in my first two posts.

Please, keep those kind of opinions to yourself.

wooohoo. daft punk rocks.

i prefer the sound of silence and nature, seeings how where i live, there is little to none. also i think only fags ride around with mp3s growing into there heads.there whack! and the only metal i like comes from a mineral.

Wolfmother, Arctic Monkeys, any hard rock bands like that. Or you could go with the Dick Dale surf guitar of Miserlou. That will make you go faster for sure. If Nate sees this thread he will surely agree.

My pump up bands=
System of a Down
At The Drive-In
and The Mars Volta

Only if you keep yours to yourself as well ^.^

I don’t like Metallica either, but maybe someone else here does. We can’t just go around saying we don’t like stuff that other people may.

Don’t start stupid arguments.

Wonderful. Also, I think only intolerant and ignorant people post around using that word in such a manner.

How is that a stupid argument? I thought it was a rather valid point.

More on topic though:

Just listen to what you would normaly listen to. Listening to new music you may or may not like is going to distract you from riding, just listen to something that puts you in a good mood and go for it.

When I was last out riding I was really enjoying some Buffalo Daughter, and the time before that it was all about the song Some Kind of Kink by Red Snapper.

Actualy Some Kind of Kink is a really really good pump up song in my opinion. If you want it I can email it to you.

But really the best thing to listen to is what you like, and nobody can tell you what you like better than you, all they can do is suggest things they like.

No, I was giving an example, if you two can’t figure that out then you need mental help.

Borgschulze, you need to calm down a wee bit mate. Getting a bit big for your boots there.

Pendulam are awesome.