MUni mud troubles


Okay. It’s been raining a bit for several days and my son and I have
been having a difficult time riding in the mud. My son is small boy and
thus has a 16" street uni. It really slips and slides all over the place
making for some rather short start and stop MUni rides. I’m going to buy
him a nice knobby MX style tire on the way home. I think it should help
quite a bit with the slippage, but are there any drawback for riding in
general with a knobby tire?

I should also mention that yesterday he told me he likes to MUni more
than any other riding. I told him he should ride on the streets and work
on tricks because it will help his MUni rides. He seemed to think that
would be okay, but he would rather be on a trail.

To update you all on my daughter’s progress; she took her unicycle to a
friends birthday party last week because the party plans were to ride to
the neighborhood park (the other kids on bikes). I guess a couple of
kids tried out her unicycle, so after attempting to sit on it all of
them were very impressed that she could actually ride it. Her freemount
skills have given her the freedom to go anywhere and that makes her a
happy little girl.



drawbacks on BMW tire vs street, on street:

-it will wear faster, the rubber is a bit softer
-it might feel the slightest bit bumpy when riding slow, or if there is too much pressure in the tire
-not as much rubber on the ground, so for street hard turns you wouldnt have as much traction, might slip out

not that any of these things will really matter for such a little guy… get him hopping and idling!
hopefully it isnt a center ridge tire, if heard people dont like them very much, pulls to one side or something

Wow! Muni on a 16 inch wheel! Maximal respect!

Some tyres are smooth rubber with grooves cut in them for tread. These are good on dry surfaces.

Some tyres are smooth rubber with knobbles sticking out of them. These are good for mud and slime.

It’s a question of emphasis. You want knobbles or ridges to dig in, not grooves or slots to clog up.

And central ribs are reasonably good for the road, but can cause directional stability problems.

I learned to ride on a high pressure 20" tire. I then got my 24" Muni with a baby Gazz on it. The first think I noticed, was how hard it was to turn especially on the street. It was more grippy and less spontaneous. There was also a teetering action (hard to explain).

Your son may have a similar experience at first and thus effecting learning tricks on the street. He will have to get used to it.

Work the maze.

you can learn plenty of MUni skills on the trail. No sense in keeping from where he ‘needs’ to be is there?

I found my skills improved way faster on the trail where everything is an obstacle, than on the road, out looking for them

(maybe, I have no kids)

I agree, riding trails has made me a better rider than just doing street stuff on my own. I have found my Balance and abliity to turn in tight areas have gone way up since I started riding off road.

Idleing is one thing I picked up on the road and not on the trial but that’s really about it… But I dont do many official skill level tricks to my relative ablility. IE I’m probaly arround a level 3 rider, but working on gapping bigger every day and landing uni spins

Your the dad though so I think its probably more up to where you want to ride till he gets a bit older. So what do youlike more?? MUNI or street stuff that is the question.

Re: MUni mud troubles

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002 10:46:21 -0800, Jason Neumann
<> wrote:

>are there any drawback for riding in
>general with a knobby tire?

I haven’t seen “increased rolling resistance” in the replies but I
think a knobby requires a bit more pedal power to keep it going.

Klaas Bil