Muni movie

This is from Robert’s Creek BC. I was out there on vacation this summer. The guy on the bike is my brother who also does all the editing. this is just one section of a mountain bike movie that my brother and our friends are working on. I’m the only unicyclist in the movie exept for the guy I met on the trail in this movie, who lives in Vancouver.

Great stuff, incredible place.

pretty cool

Yay, go Arcade Fire.
Awesome video.

looks like a fun place

That’s a nice film you guys made.
The editing was so GOOD.
Keep it up guys.


Quality film, man! It was really, really good.

You’re dead good on the wheel too!

I’d buy that DVD.

Nice one!


we’ll probably be selling the full mountain bike movie when its done, but i don’t think it will be available outside Ontario. You should check out and watch the other videos on there.

that was a great video, one of the best I’ve seen. I loved both the uniing and the Mtn biking! that looks like such a fun place to ride. someone must have put so much effort into a place like that…

also, what kind of tire is it that has the red sidewall?


its an IRC Kujo DH. It’s pretty sweet.

how grippy/ bouncy is it?

it’s got really good grip, i never really slip out on it. how bouncy it is really depends on the tire pressure you use.

can you upload it on please it doesn’t work for me

it might work if you go to