Muni movie

This is a short movie from Robert’s Creek, BC. I was there on holidays in the summer. It is just one section from a mountain bike movie my brother and I and our friends are working on. My brother does all the editing and I am the only unicyclist.

I’ll be interested to know if anyone else can see this video. That Putfile site that’s hosting it for you froze up both my Safari and my Firefox browsers. :thinking:

worked fine for me…(firefox)

I really liked the filming and editing! Nice vid.

That looks great.
I would love to unicycle there! :astonished:

That was really good! The camera work was very well done along with the editing. The song was good too. It is hard to make a good Muni video but you’ve done it.

no fair , i want to play on north shore :angry:

If you look at the source for the putfile page you can find the direct link to the video. If your browser won’t download it and let you save it then try a utility like wget or similar.

Very nicely done. Makes me want to go up to BC and go riding there.

Nice drops! How big were those?

Lovely film. Great riding.
I like the song too.
It sounded like The Polyphonic Spree.

I think the biggest drop was about 7 or 8 feet. The guy doing all the big drops was another unicyclist who I met on the trail, not me.

Fantastic video, many thanks for posting this. As has been said it’s hard to make a good muni vid but your done it :slight_smile:

that was a sweet movie. the part near the beggining where you switch from biker to uni-ist was quite clever, I was was all like “WTF?” and i had to re-watch it.
Great vid :sunglasses: , you should make s’more

I agree with everythign thats been said. Very slick!:smiley:

I saw that video on a few weeks back…i guess your brother posted it there…Its pretty sweet