MUni mount?

I am learning to muni and so far my only trouble has been getting on. I know how to freemount so that is what i am doing but it is not working so good. what mounts have you guys found to be the best? or is this just one of those practice things :roll_eyes: any help will be nice thanks:)

I learned the jump mount specifically for mounting in tight areas on trails. Keep the pedals at 9 and 3, jump on and start hopping till you’re stable, then take off…

I found the rolling mount the most useful in less extreme terrain.Typically I might upd on some rocky section and manage to land into a walk and grab the seat,swing the muni back in front and do a rolling mount when your timing is right.If you dont get the rolling mount first time round try again the whole time walking forward.I ride muni with a mountain biker often and remounting caused my friend to have to stop and wait for me.With the rolling mount you can upd and remount with minimal loss of progress.

“direct mount” by keeping pedals horizontal, then some hopping to spot the next path and go! using rolling mount also but only when trail is smooth or up (not mastering freemount when trail is going up :frowning: )

i usually roll back slightly, but this relies on you finding a nice flat spot. The step-up, and jump mounts are better in really tight spots. While on a steep uphill it may be easier to mount facing downhill and then turn back uphill once riding.

yeah, seems to work the best for me on uneven terrain or uphills, i can usually just mount and ride away w/o any hopping at all. it is the only mount where i am instantly stable, and can just ride away.

Static mount…I guess?

  1. Ensure cranks are roughly horizontal

  2. Place foot on the back pedal, but very, very lightly w/ very little pressure on the pedal.

  3. Place seat between your legs (as far as practical depending on seat height)

  4. With all your weight balanced on the leg still on the ground sort of push/hop off that leg with most of your weight transfering to the seat as you come onto the unicycle (again remember keep the pressure on the back foot light!) and your front foot should now come into contact with the front pedal.

  5. If you’ve done it right you’ve done a “static” mount of your unicycle i.e. the wheel should not have rolled backward or forward and now you can hop to stabilize or just ride off…

I think this is the Static mount, though I’m not sure, at any rate this is the first mount I learned and all I usually do, especially off-road. The beauty is that it works great for mounting skinnies, mounting uphill and anywhere you can’t afford the wheel to roll as you mount (like most places you find yourself when riding trails!).

Good Luck!