MUni morning mini session

Today it was mini (or nano?) DH session. After that I was trying to put videos together and here is result.

Please leave your comments and will try to make my future videos better (and riding…sure).

*I hope it will be not worst video in your live

MUni video - Youtube

I can’t see your video :frowning:

It should be

and not

That should work.

Something went wrong…

Please try this link -

Cool video. To bad it wasn’t warmer, so you could go swimming after riding.

Thanks a lot!
Yes, hot days are coming with less clothes and more fun :roll_eyes:

Saw your video :slight_smile:
Looks like you guys are having fun :smiley:

Definitely! Muni is very fun. I just learning to use brakes… Hope it will be more fun in the future :smiley: