MUni Missteps

Finally … got out for a spring MUni ride. Been nursing a broken big toe and winter here in Minnesota this year made it tough to get out and ride a lot. Whew … my cardio need work but just riding more will fix that. Worked on the old bump in the woods with a big hole in front of it … ain’t cleared it yet but it is fun to fly and fall over it!!!
Got a wee bit of the UniGeezer type cable cam action in there…
A “My Best Falls” montage on the end.
Music by me and my friends.
Thankee for watching as I make sport of myself.
All secure in sector seven,

That’s a cool video and it’s awesome that you are not afraid of falling hard (there were some really nasty bails in there that make mine look like falling on cotton :smiley: ) at your age.

Danke Schon … I am the most proud of being able to take falls well for a feller my age! 52 in May.
Spent years as a circus clown with Ringling Brothers so you get a lot of practice on falls on concrete!!!

Great to see ya back in the saddle Sean! Cool compilation and I sure remember the fall at 2:26! :astonished: Also glad to see you wearing the extra armor! Us middle-aged “kids” can’t bounce back from broken bones as fast as we used to, but we can still rock & roll! :smiley: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

PS: Are you planning on going to the U-games? I plan to make the drive, and will be there the whole week! Hope you can make it so we can meet and ride in the events! Maybe they can even put together some “senior” events for those over 50…or even over 40 if there’s not enough in our age group, lol! Hint, hint organizers! :slight_smile:

Thankee Terry… naw, no U-Games for me … right in the busy time of summer for me. Work feller. When i take a hiatus in a couple of years I will put this on my bucket list.

I hear ya; gotta make the bucks! But I’m going since I’m already gonna be 55 next b-day, and I want to experience as much Uni/Muni stuff as I can, before the old body says, “Sit you down father, rest you”. :stuck_out_tongue: (Some of you older folk should know that famous quote and tagline from a beatles song!)

I think that will be a while 'till your energy depletes!
Foregoing injuries hopefully you and all of us elders can go for quite a while…
I do enjoy it. You are a bit more passionate than I am on MUNi … I save that for backpacking … but it is all in the woods and that is what lights me up!

That’s awesome! It’s so funny to see other riders falling in almost the exac same way tht I do :slight_smile:
I just came back from a pretty chill 4 mile XC/single track with a little DH. there were like 3 of your falls that were exactly the same as a few I had today… Very funny :slight_smile:
Anyone in the Portland area want to hook up for some Powell butte runs?

Nice video,you could always take along a small shovel next time and fill that bloody hole in before somebody gets hurt but I’m sure you need to land it once at least before that happens.


That whoopdiedoo ain’t no molehill but to clear that ditch it seems you gotta soar like a hawk looking for furry blind snacks.

That is a right goodie … man, falling makes me feel alive!!!

Yeah … I gotta clear it. sheer force of will!

My old ass has to learn to soar for sure!

Thanks all ya’ll ))))))))))

Great video – very entertaining. I like the music, too.

Mucho Obligato… I am glad.

Funny how a video of missteps can be so inspirational! I almost feel ashamed that I don’t fall like that. I need to start pushing myself more!

That is too funny… Often I am motivated by my failures more than my success.

Good little video you had for us there. I’ll look forward to when you clear the bump. :slight_smile:

Mange tak… I may be after it again in a few days…

Haha, det var så lidt. :smiley: