MUni Militia

I got my stickers! They’re badass! First I gotta put one on my mom’s bumper, then my locker at school, and then my Uni cuz I don’t get that till after Christmas. They’re awesome. Come to CT, you have .22’s if you’re 16 or older! HAHA And the first rule of MUni Militia is do not insult or hurt other Unicyclists. Maybe. I think. Not sure. Heh. Yeah, we need some order here. And if I scan a pic will GILBY flap it up on the front page?


MUni Militia
One-Wheel Death Squad

You got the anarchist coobook too?

Hey I know how to make’em but i wouldnt ever use’em. I want to live to a ripe old age with all my limbs attatched thank you very much!

Militia shirts avalable soon…

Naw, I’m a hypocrite. I try not to get involved in anything where I’m subjected to return fire. The first time I come across a deer packin’, I’m going home.