MUni Militia

So the MUni Militia is expanding. Let’s get the word around, and give out some info… like who’s in it, what’s it all about, how to join, and etc.

I’m new, so we’ll wait for Mojoe. The Creator.

What is this Muni Militia?
How can I become a part of this?


Mojoe, i need to talk to you about getting some stickers, they are sweet

Scott, email me your mailing address at and I’ll send some stickers.

What is the Muni Militia?? It’s a group of muni/trials riders, with members all over the world. We ride around, jump off stuff, pedal grab, bend cranks, and have fun doing it.

Who’s in it?? If I sent you some stickers, then you’re in. If you want some stickers, email me. I’ve sent stickers out to 18 people so far. Some of them have given stickers away to other deserving unicyclist, so the number of members is at least twenty something.

Have fun and ride hard…

SpYdeR v1o, I’ll mail your stickers out in the morning.

nice pajama’s Mojoe…

You said it Mojoe,

Ride (on one) or Die

I see the Muni Militia much like Pittsburgh’s BMX Mafia, I dont know if Mojoe new of this group when he coined the name. But the basic membership is simple, go out there have fun at what you love to do, Ride unicylces, go big, and of course have fun.

Maybe eventually we can have a meeting somewhere and do real militia type stuff, you know shoot automatic weapons while going down the trail at full speed. It would deffenatlly be cool to meet everyone in the militia.



Is that a Coker- or is your 20" just glad to see me? :wink:


Chex, I never heard of them. There is a group of hard core riders in Minneapolis that go by the name, “Minneaplois Mafia”. They ride single speed mountain bike, fixed gear, and party a lot. I always liked the name, and wanted something that sounded a little punk like that.

My LBS just ordered a Profile hub for me today, so I should have it built up by next week. Profile Hub, Doublewide rim, and some really beefy butted downhill spokes. I’m all about longevity, yo.


You kill me man, that’s funny.


ahah That was pretty good. Wish I thought of it. :wink: But, I want to say your Christmas Coker is badass! And thanks for the stickers!

so how about the Muni Militia Meet? Guns and Munis anyone? :stuck_out_tongue: Yoopers I know your down for that…

Why the Doublewide? Seems like more money than you need to spend to get a strong uni.

I have two automatic paintball guns that can shoot 11balls per second. Its hella dope to shoot quails with(dont worry tey dont die! and i have only done it twice). You could come over to my place and we could shoot bikers with it. I also know how to home make shrapnell grenades with some potassium chloride(easily made with liquid plummer) a tennis ball and some bb’s.
I also know how to make acid bombs and hydrogen balloons out of liqid plummer and tin foil. i can also make m80’s.

ever heard of the new Homeland security act?if we dont hear from you anymore i’ll assume it works;)

i want …

I want stickers to !


were do u get ur avatars from?


Feel free to come down-under for a MUni militia meet. Thanks for the stickers Mojoe!


Thanks Mojoe!


Very cool, very cool. So the first rule of Muni Militia is…

  • Sal

would’nt work,you guys cant even have cap pistols or pump action rifles down there.

:angry: Wot are you saying my super lethal pop-gun doesn’t count?