Muni Militia update?

So here I am in switzerland and all I can think about is sex, beer, and the Muni Militia.

Go figure.

So where does that leave the militia, after a few years of what can only be seen as going underground I am here to see what is left of our imaginary orginizatoin.

On this note I would also like to bring back a continual idea of a Militia meet full of beer soaked Muni Camping. Due to funding perhaps we should orginize a few smaller MM Meets at a few different locals around the country/world and then colaberate putting pictures and videos together on the site.

On a side note if a meet does happen I’ll have some killer tshirts printed up for the attendies, hand printed, original ill designs promised.


one wheel death squad

I wore my Muni Militia t-shirt last week. Every time I put it on I am reminded of the absurd controversy surrounding its production. Thanks, Chex. The world will never change and thus will continue to amuse us.

Seeing as how I’m a proper student now (as opposed to one of the responsible gap-yearing types), beer soaked muni adventures certainly appeal to me. Although not RIGHT now, its bloody cold blightyside around now. I’d certainly endeavor to organise some UK MM meets, if only for the reason that I could then call myself a member. There’s some good riding local to Southampton, not tough but nice & varied.


So in a shamless bump I am prepared to offer the thread something in return.

Here is a quick design, some of you might remember it from my sketch book that I have taken to the first stage of tshirt/ sweatshirt productoin.

PLEASE do not even ask how much they are, or when you can get one, if you do I will be sure not to sell you one.


mm1 copy.jpg

How much are they? When can I get one? Will they be available for 24" and 26" wheels? How about colors? Do you think it’s appropriate to use “death squad” on a shirt like this? Do you recommend using 150mm or 175mm cranks with that design?


(hopefully not just anyone can buy one…)

I’ll buy 20!!!

I suggest we hold a meet in Oregon… somewhere nice, like… Salem.

Then again, there’s nothing like hookers and gamblin’ down here in Nevada…

I’d probably come, and halfbike too maybe.

Speaking of “what is left”… what about the faction of militiamen/women on the “left coast”? Are you considering a national convention or would you make concessions for a west coast squad? I’d love to have a MM camp-out in the wild west… anyone else?

Edit: guess the above posts answer my question… doh! Let’s get organized!

It’s a “four stars” shirt, Harper…sheesh. In restaurants, four stars means “hotter”, so clearly you would use the longer cranks.

Would this shirt have to replace my current militia shirt, or could I just wear it over the top? Will you put the stars on the other side of the logo for those of us on the left coast?

Can I have Harper’s for free?

No. Blackwood sells my stuff. You’ll have to buy it from him. He’s a notorious gouger.

I suggest Muni MIlitia should come to Åre, in the summer. Like when ÅMM is held. (Åre Mountain Mayhem)

I wish I had the list of who got shirts when I originally sent them out, there were 28 total I remember that…

Of thoes I think that 6 or so were canadian, 3more international whom I have yet to hear back from, and the rest were American.

Vancouver/Seatle/Oregon was probably the biggest regional area the rest spread out fairly evenly.

I think I would probably be up for trying to meet up with thoes riders most of all, Also the beer surpluss in the north west I hear is some of the best in the americas.

The other area that I see as highly populated MM territory would be the North East Coast, Toronto, Boston, NYC, Philly, and Richmond. Many of these riders are newer to the militia but there is alot of energy comming from the east.

Finally that leaves 3 big areas un-accounted for

the south west: Texas I’m looking to you guys to pick up the slack here, your gun slinging nature has the MM writen all over it.

Mid West, I’m not sure how many riders are around but Mojoe perhaps you can help?

Then the South East: Memphis, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida With NAUCC happening in this part of the woods next year it would be a positive thing to see MM groth in this part of the country.

Then there is World expansion, Europe, SA, Australia all have alot of potential, regional leaders will be needed to help orginize and uphold standards of debachery and lazyness that well be set later.

Ok so I have no idea what all that means, but if your in one of thoes areas, if your between them suck it up and just join whatever one you want.

May is Muni Militia Month (hey it starts with an M doesnt it and its a hell of alot warmer than march) lets see if we can get together something that looks like we are a real orginization.

ala bump, maybe I typed too much that last time.

Is it possible to have a one-man muni militia? I’m stranded on an island here :frowning:

ARMY (or militia)

Be all that you can be, and all that…

Don’t forget your brothers in California and Nevada. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m willing to go north for a campout… hopefully the winter’s snow will all be molten by May and we can find a mountain in the Cascades to host our rendezvous. I’m not too familiar with that range other than Mt. Bachelor in Bend… can anyone up North suggest a site?

If the Northerners don’t mind coming south, there’s plenty to offer in the Sierras… any of the previous CMW sites are suitable.

Yeah, Salem, Oregon is a perfect location. It’s only a short 7 hour drive from me…

Plus it has some seriously DOPE trails at Falls City.
Ypu can see videos of jagur riding the trail HERE!!!

I’m up for something. The summer would be awesome Mid-late. I would have money for it then. Right now I’m a poor man going to a free school then I would be a poor man with a job on summer vacation from the free school. IE more money for events then now.

Shirt looks sweet I’ll take a medium.