MUNI MILITIA T-shirts in the uk who wants one?

Ok i have finished my exams now(this is the reason they were not made a while ago) and i went out on my muni to get some stamps and stuff and saw a “arty” shop, I will be able to get the stuff to do them next month but how much i get depends on who wants one.The price should be about £9/£10 per T + shiping unsure on that one i will look in post office soon.I will get enough to do my self one next month and see how it turns out.For now who wants one?

what do they look like?

yes please ben, i get paid on monday finally, so ill set aside a tenner or so for the t… are you going to be puttin names on the back, do i recall seeing that mentioned in previous thread?

black t’s yeah? good good.

easy on your sig luke whats thepoint, it mkes threads twice as long

If they turn out good, or at least cool crap, I’ll take one!

sounding good to me… Wack my name on that list, Ben!



Yeah i will have one please

ide love one if they look cool
but ill be goin to germany in a few weeks
so i donno. depends on how much shipping costs.
maybe ill just have it send to my home here and ill get it in a year :smiley:
what do they look like?