MUni Militia Stickers

Ahhh -my much coveted stickers came by post. There are enough for all the MUC’sters that come down next week, Me, Lewis, and a couple sleepy squad cars. :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to get a good sugar buzz off cheep root beer, first.

Thanx, MOJOE!


Oh sweet dude! Hella cool even.

Me and a few other guys are in the “one wheel death squad” Actually, I think its just dylan, me, adam, don juan, and possibly dan.

I got some of those stickers too, they arrived on friday!!

they’re soooo cool!

Thanks sooo Much Mojoe!!


Mine came last monday.
They look so sick on my black frame.
I’d even give him a couple bucks for some more.

Thankyou Mojoe

P.S. If you read this than I am gonna send you a few bucks for some more because i feel sorta bad/ greedy if I take any more without paying.:smiley:


Re: MUni Militia Stickers

Hey Nick, who’s Don Juan?


Re: Re: MUni Militia Stickers

I think he was alluding to covering one of his chakra with a MM sticker.


I hate it when this happens! I jump on to the forum when I get a chance but I missed this entire thread that led to these stickers. Where do I get one? Who’s got 'em? (Besides Christopher, that is.)


good news to you, Tommy.

Christopher says:

Does this mean that I might have to wash the MUC truck? Perhaps I could just get away with a spot clean job.

Got my stickers last week. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Mojoe!