Muni Militia Shirts, Place An Order

Hello all

I tested out the ghetto silk screening and it seemd to work alright. You can see them here

If you would like a shirt I am going to me making them next week, I’m asking for a $10 donation to cover the cost of shipping and price of the shirts. If your interested send me an email or private message with your shipping address, and what size shirt you want. I am not going to make any extras so place your order now or you wont get one. Thanks

Mike aka Chex

PS you can see my new roach pads in the same gallery :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh yeah the $10 (US) is a donation, if you dont have it and still want a shirt dont sweat it I’ll still send you a shirt. Also if you feel that a sweet Muni militia shirt is worth more than 10, feel free to send me what ever you see fit. Any questions or comments post them here and I’ll get back to you.

thanks again


Those are cool looking pads. The shirts are nice, too. I definitely want one and it’s definitely worth more than $10. Thanks for providing the logo, Mojoe.

Cool shirts, what ghetto silk screening method did you end up using?


Re: Muni Militia Shirts, Place An Order

Those pads are hella sweet! I’d buy a shirt for sure.


Can you ship to England (UK)? Any idea how much this would cost?


Chex, the check is in the mail. Put me down for two, exta large.


ps. I’ll email you too.

I’ll ship worldwide if anyone wants one, just throw in a few extra if you can, but as always anyone that wants one can get one, I’ll even ship them down under with hella shippinng charges…

Just send me a message if you want one so I know how many shirts to buy from the store. I’ll be printing probably on the 25th or 26th so all orders need to be in by the 24th


long sleeve turttlenecks in black! sign me up…i’ll get you back when i sell my uni.

sorry jag, I guess I forgot to mention I’m going to be printing on black tshirts.

If you want the turtle neck though it might fit your kid, and I could send it along if you want.


Just posting to keep this on the front page so people dont miss it

So far 14 shirts have been orderd.
2 to canada
1 to NZ
1 to Switzerland
the rest are in the states.


That rocks, Mr. Nuts! Count one more, for me. Could you do a matching set of black bikini-briefs, as well? I wear a 36", and would prefer the logo on back. Thanx!


oooh! nice shirts. I’ll take one! a large. How should i pay you? just mail you 10$??

Thanks alot,
c’ant wait to get the shirt,


cool stuff dude

those are awsome i’d love one. i sent an e-mail.