Muni Militia shirts Payment??

Im just wondering if the following people plan on paying me for the muni Militia shirts I sent them. If not I’ll stop checking my mail box so often.

Robert Croford (the iron Monk)

Monneron Cedric- ( your shirt might still be in transit if you havent gotten it already)

and Mike Benoit ( I know you said a while ago you were tight for cash and you would get it to me asap this is just a reminder)

Thanks to all who paid, I hope everyone likes their ghettorific shirts!


i sent a check

I sent a check before i got my shirt. you didnt get it? lemme check my statement and i’ll send another if need be. I’ll need your address again i think i misplaced it.

well i just checked an indeed it doesnt show it as being deposited so send your addy again and i’ll sed a new one.


My address is

Mike Carroll
5032 Centre Ave
Rm 502
Pittsburgh PA 15213



Make sure you spell your last name right Checker…


Thanks alot man, I got your payment in the mail today.